Jimmy Kimmel Engaged

Looks like Jimmy Kimmel is getting his break with love the second time around. The late night talk show host and comedian is engaged to his girlfriend of three years, Molly McNearney, 34.

A rep for Kimmel confirmed the news of the engagement but didn’t offer up any details of the private moment between Kimmel and McNearney. After his failed longtime romance with comedian Sarah Silverman, Kimmel clicked with Molly, and the couple has been dating for three years. A source close to the couple, who got engaged while vacationing in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, said “They’re really happy together.”

However, it hasn’t always been happy times for the couple, or at least not their surrounding co-workers. McNearney, who’s a co-head writer for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, back in 2009 was said to be causing problems for The Jimmy Kimmel staff. According to RadarOnline, a source close to the staff said:

“Molly McNearney definitely has been using her relationship with Jimmy to move up in the show, and he definitely played favorites with her over other more qualified staffers. People on the staff think she has become nasty lately.”

This marriage will be the second for Jimmy Kimmel, who was previously married to girlfriend Gina in 1988. The pair have two children together — Katie, 21, and Kevin, 19 — and still remain friends. For Molly McNearney, this will be her first marriage.

Do you think relationships in the office are a good idea? Will this relationship stick for Jimmy Kimmel?