Oregon Man Pays Prostitute With A Primate And Girl Scout Donation Money

An Oregon man hired a prostitute with Girl Scout donation money from a jar and then tipped her with an exotic primate.

Nathan Allen McClain, a married pet shop owner, was charged on April 14 with soliciting a prostitute and sent to Lane County Jail for a very short time. He was released from the jail later that night, but the details of the case are just coming out, according to Fox News.

Nathan McClain
Nathan McClain was charged with soliciting a prostitute after he paid her with Girl Scout donation money and an exotic primate. (Photo by Eugene Police Department)

The investigation initially began when police in Eugene, Oregon, received reports of two separate burglary incidents at the Zany Zoo Pet Store on March 1 and March 6. The items which were reported stolen as stolen included $7,000 in Girl Scouts donation money, an exotic galago primate named Gooey, and a laptop, according to KPTV.

The authorities got a hold of surveillance video from nearby businesses in the Eugene, Oregon, area showing McClain actually breaking into his own store to get the stolen items in order to pay the prostitute. Upon further investigation, the police found out that the primate was with a prostitute in a local area hotel.

The prostitute handed over the animal and cooperated with the police. The prostitute said the pet store owner paid her with the donation money and the primate. The prostitute will not face any charges, although it is against the law to own an exotic animal in Oregon without the proper license.

Detective Rick Lowe said, “It’s my first time ever recovering a monkey from a prostitute.”

On March 19, McClain found more trouble when he was arrested by Oregon State Police in their own parking lot in Albany. McClain left the adult porn shop next door, and he appeared to be on methamphetamine. McClain was arrested and placed in the Linn County jail for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

On March 21, authorities in Eugene, Oregon, believed McClain was on meth again when they interviewed him about the robberies and his encounter with the prostitute. When they questioned him, they discovered how he paid the prostitute with the stolen donation money and the primate.

He was not charged for stealing money because there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges, according to police. The arrest was delayed so McClain’s wife, Abbie, could move the pet store elsewhere in Oregon. She is in the process of removing her husband’s name from the pet store and disassociating herself from his crimes.

“Abbie and her kids are suffering right now through this tragedy and trying to figure out the best course of action,” said a post on the pet store’s Facebook page.

Abbie reportedly made the reports to the police about the burglaries, which were called “unfounded” by authorities. She claims she did not know her own husband was stealing from the pet store, let alone using the stolen items to pay for the prostitute.

galago primate
Galago primates come from Africa and are said to resemble lemurs. They are also called "bush babies." In Oregon, it is illegal to have one without a license. The prostitute did not face any charges for having the animal, and it was taken to a sanctuary until the pet shop can renew its license for the animal. (Photo by Shutterstock)

Gooey, the exotic tip paid to the prostitute, is being housed at a nearby animal sanctuary in Oregon until the pet store can get a new license to hold him. Galago primates resemble lemurs and are also known as bush babies.

McClain is set to appear in court on May 5 for soliciting a prostitute in Oregon.

[Photo by Shutterstock]