Nick Jonas On Kate Hudson Rumors: 'It’s Between Her And Me'

Michael Dolce

Nick Jonas, 24, has emerged from his former Disney shadow into a full fledged solo artist. But with that kind of success comes the inevitable tabloid rumors surrounding any well-to-do pop star – including the supposed fling with Kate Hudson, 36.

And while he tells Celebs Now that he and Kate are "very good friends," he doesn't exactly deny that any kind of relationship took place, either.

"Whatever it was, I think it's between her and me. I'll just leave it at that. But it's never simple, with anything."

When asked if any other lady has been successful in grabbing his attention, Jonas played it close to the vest, shifting the focus on his work.

"It's circumstantial – it just sort of happened that way. In the last couple of weeks I've become even busier doing promotional stuff, so there's literally no time. I wish I had something very juicy but 
at the moment I don't."
"I wrote it back at my home in California, where we spent a lot of time. I was walking around the house and everything was bringing back memories. The lyrics are about wanting to take a chainsaw to the sofa and break the china to get rid of the memories."

Speaking of "Chainsaw," Nick teamed up with Thomas Rhett at CMT Crossroads last night to help debut the new single from his upcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated!, according to Just Jared.

Nick and Thomas were later joined onstage by Danielle Bradbery for a cover of Nick's song, "Close," to which the country crooner took to Twitter after the fact to thank them.

— Danielle Bradbery (@DBradbery) April 23, 2016

Nick famously called it quits from the sibling group with over 17 million records sold in order to strike out on his own. His decision created a temporary rift in his relationship with his brothers that has since healed. When asked if there was any lingering guilt over his move, Nick references brother Joe's recent success as the reason he made the right call for both him — and them.

"No, there's no guilt, especially now that Joe's band (DNCE) is doing very well. I think they're going to have a big hit here (in the U.K.), too. It was an important journey for Joe to go on and he learnt a lot about himself."
"I read a quote by Bill Murray where he said: 'If you feel like you've found the one, your first thought shouldn't be about a ring and marriage, it should be about seeing the world with that person and having amazing memories.' That sounds like the ideal situation to me."