‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Sharon Scrambles As The Truth Comes Out And Plots How She Can Keep Sully Away From Sage

The Young and the Restless is gearing up for an action-packed week as Sharon discovers that Sully isn’t her biological son. It will be an emotional week as Sharon begins to spiral out of control, and Sage learns that Christian never died. Sage will overhear Sharon and Mariah’s conversation, and it sends her scrambling for answers. Nick finds Sharon at the park bench, apparently upset, and asks her if she is okay. The big question is, will Sharon confess that Sully is really Christian, or will she keep quiet in hopes no one will ever find out the truth?

Soap Opera Digest reported that Sage will overhear a conversation between Mariah and Sharon that will stop her in her tracks. Sharon tells Mariah that she stopped investigating Dr. Anderson’s murder. Mariah seemed shocked but noted she is happy that she isn’t lying to Dylan anymore. Mariah says, “It’s a good thing you got pregnant so quickly after your miscarriage last year and never told Dylan about it.”

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that this news sends Sage reeling, because if she had a miscarriage, how is it she has a baby now? In Sage’s mind, something wasn’t adding up, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Sage contacts Kevin and asks him to look into something for her. Kevin tells Mariah about Sage’s call, and she urges him (at Sharon’s request) not to help Sage.

“Sharon wants to shut everything down, not because she knows what the truth is, but at the possibility that the truth could cost her everything that is important to her. Sharon doesn’t want any part of investigating Dr. Anderson.”


The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that was a big shock to Sage, and sends her on a mission to find out what happened the night Sharon delivered Sully. Sage finds its pretty suspicious that Sharon wants to drop the investigation after being so gung-ho about it for so many weeks. In Sage’s mind, she can’t make sense of anything, and begins to investigate on her own.

Soap Central reported that Sharon picks up a glass that Sage drank out of and placed it in a bag with Sully’s pacifier and sends it to a DNA lab to test. At this point, Sharon is hopeful that Sully won’t be a match against Sage’s DNA, but the thought terrifies her.

“Sharon wants to find the truth out on her own, whatever it may be. At least she won’t have everyone in town find out at the same time. It can be a private moment, just for her.”


A few hours later, Sharon runs into Nurse Stephens while waiting for the DNA test results. Elsewhere, Sage is spotted talking to an (unknown) nurse, who reveals that Christian never died, he’s alive. Sage cannot believe her ears.

“My baby is alive. How can this be?”

Nurse Angela Stephens realizes that Sharon is starting to figure out her scheme with Dr. Anderson, and it’s only a matter of time until she learns that Sully’s real identity is Christian. Sharon grabs the DNA results from the lab and heads to the park to read the results.

“It’s the moment of truth. Sharon reads the results and is horrified and devastated. Here Sharon had an inkling of the truth, and her mind jumps to conclusions. Sharon was hoping this was one of those times, but she was wrong. But it isn’t. Sharon’s worst nightmare has come true.”

Sharon sits on the bench and begins to process in her mind that Sully isn’t her son, Nick suddenly shows up and asks if she is okay. He knows something is wrong with his ex-wife, but Sharon lies and says she is okay, just feeling emotional. The real question is will Sharon tell Nick that Christian is alive, or will she keep it to herself?

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