Angelina Jolie 2016: Will She And Brad Make London Their New Home?

Angelina Jolie talks of making London her new permanent residence, as rumor says. While she and husband Brad Pitt are renting a place in Surrey, the family is quite acquainted with the area.

Right now, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are paying $21,000 per month for the rental house. According to Us Weekly, Angelina and Brad’s house comes with indoor and outdoor pools, a cinema, eight bedrooms, and more. The source mentions that it’s an environment with “modern conveniences.” Jolie and Pitt’s house sits on three acres of land, and is only a half-hour from George Clooney’s residence, by boat.

For the most part, along with the London location, Brad’s and Angelina’s relocation idea is more about the kids. According to the source, the Hollywood couple feels that the house is a good pick because it’s not far from local toy shops in the area, and it’s “kid-friendly.” Also, as concern the Pitt and Jolie business and leisure affairs, the source mentions that the estate isn’t far from the Central London business district. Below is a video tour to and of the Surrey Quays shopping district, possibly one of the place Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt choose to visit during their time.

As you can see from the video, there’s a lot of flora in the area. The website mentions that 22 percent of England’s environment is covered by plant life. Likewise, with natural growth, wildlife isn’t too far away, correct? The source notes that, “among native Surrey mammals are red deer, fox, moles and badgers.” Do you think Pitt has the tools to handle such wildlife approaching his Surrey mansion? Brad and family are there for a while — and even longer if they make the alleged move.

Us Weekly also notes that Brad Pitt is in town for the next six months as he films for the Netflix original, War Machine. Angelina Jolie and family have already been there for nearly two months. And, according to the news medium, the whole family loves London.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brad’s and Angelina’s preferred part of London, Surrey is a part of southeast England. While the county’s website notes that it’s “nestled” away from all the “hustle” and “bustle” of the city life, maybe it’s just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s perspective differences, which note Surrey as being proximal to, or “not far” from, London. Specifically, the site states as follows.

“London is approximately 25 miles outside central London. It is about 25 minutes train journey from central London to the town of Woking and approximately 35 minutes from central London to the town of Guildford.”

Nevertheless, Pitt and Jolie’s potential new residence is amid the county’s 648 square miles. Interestingly enough, given all its land, there is no coastline in Surrey county, so says the source. Moreover, in 2011, Surrey was home to 1,132,390. And, it’s has continually grown since that time.

If you’re ever so curious to visit Surrey and see what possibly made Angelina and Brad interested enough to consider relocation, the site offers five itineraries to help maximize your time in-county. They range from half-days and full days to rainy or sunny weather.

While the couple’s relocation is the buzz, throughout Pitt and Jolie’s time together, many rumors have surfaced about the couple and an impending divorce. However, whenever the topic comes up, Angelina and Brad publicly dismiss the allegations. According to International Business Times, Jolie made a statement via Twitter regarding these potential rumors.

The source notes that Angelina stated, “Don’t believe everything you read.” And while this is sound advice for internet believers, it’s not confirmed whether that was actually from Brad Pitt’s wife’s Twitter account. There’s no “verified” stamp on the profile. So, it could be the Hollywood star, or it could be someone speaking in lieu of her Twitter presence.

What are your thoughts about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie potentially relocating to Surrey, London? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment]