Former ‘RHOA’ Star Kim Zolciak’s Killer Bikini Body All Thanks To Photoshop?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has always loved posting selfies on social media and usually looks great doing it. However, despite always looking in tip-top shape, her impressive figure is now under question. Are her photographs the result of Photoshop manipulation?

In an interview with Radar Online, an expert pointed out some anomalies in Zolciak’s photos that indicate they were manipulated. For starters, the expert explained how there are subtle clues in the backgrounds of some images that prove they were adjusted.

“The molding in the background by Zolciak’s right hip isn’t straight, as it is towards the top of the image. This suggests the image was moved slightly inward in this area towards Zolciak’s hip to create a more pronounced angle,” Jim De Yonker revealed. “Also, the edge of Zolciak’s dress on the right side contains a slight blur; again suggesting this area was subtly manipulated in some manner. Lastly, Zolciak’s right elbow appears slightly deformed and unnatural; suggesting this area near her hip was moved inward.”

Despite the expert opinion, Zolciak claims that she has never had plastic surgery. Instead, Zolciak insists that her body is the result of her hard work and dedication to staying fit. Unfortunately for the reality star, there is evidence to the contrary.

“On the lower right side of the image, the wood grain of the wall’s background curves slightly inward towards Zolciak’s hip,” De Yonker continued. “This suggests this part of the image was warped inward to make her right hip appear smaller.”

Kim Zolciak altered selfies Kim Zolciak’s selfies are rumored to be altered to make her appear thinner. [Image via Kim Zolciak/Instagram]According to the Hollywood Gossip, De Yonker went on to point out more inconsistencies with some of Zolciak’s selfies. Not only has the Real Housewives of Atlanta star changed the appearance of her hips, but she also manipulated the look of her stomach, making it appear flatter than it is in real life.

“Her belly looks unusually flat,” he stated in the interview. “You don’t see lines, a bulge, abs, nothing. Her belly button seems to have almost disappeared!”

While it appears Kim Zolciak has digitally manipulated some of her images, there was one that she left untouched. In the image, Zolciak posed with a friend in a white dress, and clearly did not have the same flat belly as she had in other photos.

“You can’t have the abdominal muscles that were displayed in the prior shots and have your abdomen as bloated as this,” De Yonker stated. “This picture is the proof that this is the most accurate example of what she looks like. This photo looks like it’s free of Photoshop.”

Kim Zolciak waist trainer Kim Zolciak claims her body is the result of hard work and a waist trainer. [Image via Kim Zolciak/Instagram]In light of the Photoshop accusations, Star Pulse is reporting that fans have reacted to the news on social media. While the former Dancing With the Stars contestant has remained silent on the issue, a few fans have voiced both their support for the reality star and their disappointment.

“Kim. Don’t listen to these people. I am a witness. I saw you and you are what these people see!!” one fan posted. “I said she was stunning & didn’t need photoshop … ya, don’t listen to me.”

In contrast, some fans expressed their disapproval with how the photos were manipulated. In fact, one fan called out Zolciak and asked for a real pic.


Based on the expert opinion, it appears as though Zolciak does manipulate her photos in order to appear more in shape. Considering how the reality star has denied having plastic surgery in the past, it isn’t likely that she’ll confirm the rumors anytime soon.

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[Image via Bravo]