Father Deals Gruesome Revenge Against Man Who Raped His 7-Month-Old Baby

An Indian father, distraught and furious regarding the rape of his 7-month-old daughter, searched out the assailant and extracted revenge on the horrible teen in a gruesome manner.

The unnamed father found that his baby daughter was being molested by the teen after his wife caught the teen in the act, according to Metro. The 25-year-old father was furious but allowed the authorities to handle the situation in the proper manner. Still, the father suppressed his anger to the point that he could not allow the teen to go without adequate punishment, at least in his eyes. As a result, the father decided to issue his own brand of justice on the teen, although he waited until the moment was right.

After he was arrested, the teen was sent to a juvenile remedial home where he was forced to wait for his trial. As he waited, he was forced to think about his crimes until sentencing could occur.

In a strange twist, the baby's father decided to offer forgiveness to the teen rapist in exchange for an out of court settlement that included cash. The father, seemingly in a gesture of kindness, then offered to give the teen rapist a ride home to Kotli Ablu, a village in Punjab, on his bike, according to the New York Post. However, the baby's father had alternate plans that included revenge on the teen rapist for the horrible assault against his baby.

As the father and the teen rapist approached the halfway mark to the village, the father pulled the bike over and told the teen to get off. The father, anger still inside, proceeded to tie the teen rapist to a tree. The teen did not know what to expect as the father took out a machete and approached him.

In a fit of rage and revenge, the father proceeded to hack away at the teen's hands until both fell to the ground. Leaving the teen tied up and blood spilling from his arms, the father mounted his bike and rode away, leaving the teen bloodied and screaming while still tied to the tree.

Warning: The videos below contain graphic images.

The teen remained tied to the tree until nearby villagers heard his screams and came to his rescue. The villagers contacted the authorities, and the teen was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was revealed to be in critical condition from the blood loss. He remains in critical condition but is expected to live. Due to the nature of his injuries, it appears as though his hands cannot be reattached.

Doctors are doing all they can to ensure the teen recovers from his injuries.

The teen is not expected to make an appearance in court for his crimes since the father of the baby previously gave forgiveness despite having an ulterior motive. It is unknown how he will be received by his village when he returns due to his involvement in raping the 7-month-old baby girl.

Father in India revenge for baby rape
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The father is currently missing, and authorities are looking for him. It is uncertain what fate the father will experience at the hands of the authorities. It is expected that he will be punished for his brutal crime and be brought to justice.

The justice system in India operates differently than in the United States, providing the opportunity for the father to forgive the rape and extract his own method of justice upon the teen. Although not considered to be legal, the punishment was extreme in nature.

What are your thoughts on the method of justice that the father dished out on the teen rapist? Did he go too far, or did the punishment match the crime?

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