Man Arrested For Tweeting Bomb Threat At Donald Trump Connecticut Rally

Sean Taylor Morkys, 20, was arrested after allegedly threatening to bomb the Donald Trump rally in Waterbury, Connecticut, via a Twitter post.

Morkys actually made two Twitter posts.

The first read, “Is someone going to bomb the trump rally or am I going to have to?”

The post came from the area of Ardsley Road in Waterbury and allegedly referred to a bomb being detonated at the Trump rally to be held in Waterbury on Saturday.

As reported by the New Haven Register, a second Twitter post allegedly warned a friend of Morky’s to tell his family members to leave the rally so they wouldn’t be harmed in the explosion.

On April 23, at around 12:46 p.m., the United States Secret Service (USSS) contacted the Connecticut State Police Office of Counter Terrorism to advise them of the threat posted on Twitter, threatening to bomb the upcoming Trump rally.

In the course of their investigation, Connecticut State Police tracked down the Twitter account and determined it was used solely by Sean Taylor Morkys.

In related news on the Inquisitr:

This led detectives from the Connecticut State Police Office of Counter Terrorism along with Waterbury Police Department detectives and special agents from the USSS to locate Morkys at his residence in Waterbury, where he was interviewed.

Reportedly, the USSS determined that the suspect did not pose an immediate threat to the public, and at approximately 5 p.m., Morkys was taken into custody on charges of first-degree threatening, inciting injury to a person or property, and second-degree breach of peace for his threats to bomb the Trump rally.

He was reportedly transported to Troop A-Southbury, where he was processed and released on a bond of $25,000.00 pending his upcoming court date on May 4, 2016.

As reported by ABC News, the bomb threat didn’t faze Trump in the least, and he told supporters at Saturday’s rally that he’s “not toning it down” despite his chief advisor assuring Republican officials he would show more restraint on the campaign trail.

Trump told a cheering crowd of some 3,000 supporters in a high school gymnasium in Waterbury, “I’m not toning it down.”

“Isn’t it nice that I’m not one of these teleprompter guys?”

On Friday, Trump’s new chief adviser, Paul Manafort, met with top Republican officials to tell them his candidate has been “projecting an image.”

“The part that he’s been playing is now evolving,” Manafort said.

Reportedly, the Waterbury rally was the first of two to be held on Saturday in Connecticut.

Trump joked to his supporters that it is easy to be presidential and then proceeded to make a series of faux somber faces. He did, however, tell the crowd he can be serious and policy-minded when necessary.

“You know, Donald can be different when he’s in a room. Who isn’t,” he said, adding, “When I’m out here talking to you people, I’ve got to be different.”

Trump is campaigning in Connecticut prior to Tuesday’s series of primaries in the Northeast, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]