‘SNL’ Prince Tribute: ‘Goodnight, Sweet Prince’ Full Episode From NBC [Video]

The SNL episode, titled “Goodnight, Sweet Prince,” has been uploaded to the NBC website, as seen below. The Season 41, Episode 1904 of SNL aired on Saturday, April 23, but was not uploaded to NBC until Sunday. Plenty of Prince fans and SNL viewers who likely missed the episode or fell asleep on SNL can catch up on the full episode dedicated to Prince online.

While reports that the live episodes of SNL will return on Saturday, May 7, at 11:30 p.m. ET and 10:30 p.m. CT, the “Goodnight, Sweet Prince” episode is getting plenty of attention for the old footage of Prince displayed therein.

SNL explained that their tribute to Prince will be available in full video display on the NBC website until May 19, so those who want to watch the tribute online would do best to watch the SNL episode prior to that date.

Saturday Night Live celebrates the life and times of the legendary artist Prince Rogers Nelson. Available until 05/19/16.”

The “Good Night Sweet Prince” episode of Saturday Night Live is more than one hour long, and it has caused the hashtag #SNLPrince to go viral on Twitter. The social networking site reports that nearly 5,000 tweets about the SNL episode dedicated to Prince have come in to Twitter in short time.

Jimmy Fallon hosted the SNL episode dedicated to Prince. “Goodnight, Sweet Prince” featured Fallon waxing nostalgic about Prince and the impromptu concerts that the Purple One has performed. Jimmy spoke about the crowd “parting” for Prince when Prince decided to take the stage and play at NBC during one of those spur-of-the-moment jam sessions.


Not only did SNL feature actual performances of Prince when Prince appeared on SNL, but SNL also showed clips from when Prince was parodied or portrayed on SNL without the actual Prince being there.

The Prince SNL show highlight with Shia LaBeouf from April 14, 2007, has been uploaded to the NBC website, along with the full episode of “Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”

The Prince Christmas special with Robert De Niro is also featured in highlight form from the SNL episode that aired December 18, 2004, which is a 5-minute long video.

The highlight of Prince singing “Let’s Go Crazy” at the SNL40 anniversary party was also uploaded to NBC on April 24. Jimmy’s thoughts on Prince’s performance at the SNL40 after-party has also been uploaded to the NBC website. Other video clips shown on the NBC site represent SNL clips titled “Prince: Clouds, Marz and Another Love Highlights” from November 1, 2014, which is 9 minutes long. Also shown is the SNL video titled “Prince ft. Tamar: Beautiful, Loved and Blessed Highlight” from February 4, 2006, which is 4 minutes long.


The Saturday Night Live episode dedicated to Prince is receiving lots of feedback on social media. Lots of the feedback mentions giving kudos to SNL for such a powerful tribute to Prince.

Perfect eye makeup! on Will so miss this artist who always let his women band members shine

The performance clips were all excellent. Worth watching. The skits afterwards were more snoozeworthy.

Whether in a perm or fro, Prince’s hair was always laid

Thanks for the absolutely awesome tribute.

Glad to see NBC present the pre-HDTV era clips in OAR and not cropovision or stretchovision.

The Saturday Night Live tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson, titled “Goodnight, Sweet Prince,” is overall getting lots of positive reviews for those who have watched the SNL videos online — or stayed up late to watch the SNL episode as it aired. Even celebrities reacted to the SNL tribute, as witnessed by the above tweet from Holly Robinson Peete.

[Photo by AP/Andres Kudacki]