Why Gennady Golovkin Is Already Boxing’s Next Top Dog

It’s not just that Gennady Golovkin looks invincible. It’s not that Gennady Golovkin just knocked out 22 straight boxers. Although he’s fairly new on the U.S. scene, with his combined professional and amateur bouts, he has more boxing experience than many of the top professional fighters in any country. And with Floyd Mayweather retiring and Manny Pacquiao close to doing the same, Gennady Golovkin seems ready to sit atop boxing’s throne. More and more things are lining up for Gennady even as major opponents continue to avoid fighting him. This last fight against Dominic Wade continues to show a dominance destined to bring him into the spotlight.

Dominic Wade was shocked upon feeling the strength of a Gennady Golovkin punch. There wasn’t much he could do once Triple G got into the swing of things. Dominic Wade told the Guardian how Gennady impressed him in the loss.

“I tried to get comfortable. Once he started hitting me, I couldn’t do that. He is a great champion… He does everything well.”

Another factor that is scaring potential opponents away is that Gennady has purportedly never been knocked out or even knocked down, and that supposedly includes over 300 fights as an amateur. Opponents can’t trade blows with him, as he just takes the hits and dishes out even bigger ones of his own. Defensive opponents don’t last long either, as Golovkin will bombard them from all directions until they drop. He hasn’t shown any weaknesses in his professional career and continues to steamroll over opponents, making it look easy.

Nobody wants to get into the ring with an invincible boxer likely to ruin their further career prospects. Of course, Golovkin is doing what he can to conquer the middleweight division. He is eventually hoping to fight Canelo Alvarez and collect more middleweight title belts. A fight between the two will likely occur after Alvarez fights Khan next month.

Though the Kazakhstan-born fighter has a lot of boxing talent and speaks multiple languages, his English skills are far from reaching his boxing skills. Still, he gives a very solid, if all too simple, answer for his goals in the ring, when asked by Fight Hub TV.

“I’m very motivated because my goal is all of the belts in middleweight division, just I stay like champion, this is my motivation.”

Earlier this month, Gennady secured a deal with the Jordan Brand. Only two other boxers, Roy Jones Jr. and Andre Ward, have signed on to the brand of one of basketball’s greatest legends. It also attests to the growing opportunities for Golovkin. Gennady was also in a commercial promoting the Apple Watch. He’s also getting paid more for his boxing matches. He has yet to establish himself to make real boxing money, but this last fight against Dominic Wade earned him $2 million. If he can just secure an opponent big enough to offer a real challenge, his pay per fight is sure to go upward quickly.

As for bigger fighters constantly avoiding him, Gennady isn’t too concerned. He’ll fight his way slowly to the top. After Canelo Alvarez, Golovkin may start to pursue some fights outside of his division. Floyd Mayweather told Gennady if he wants a fight, he first has to move up in weight and fight Andre Ward, and only then would Mayweather agree. Of course, Mayweather may want to take an easier and more guaranteed road to the 50th win of his professional career. Fans should expect to see Golovkin’s career blossom towards the end of this year, as his better-matched opponents will start to run out of excuses.

But even a loss at this point would benefit Golovkin. At least other boxers wouldn’t fear him as much, so it could attract more fighters willing to take a chance in the ring with Gennady Golovkin.

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]