LeAnn Rimes Fears Eddie Cibrian Divorce As Cash Runs Low: Eddie Ready To Leave Broke Singer?

In an attempt to save her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes is desperately hoping that her earnings from her forthcoming tour will be enough to prevent her husband from leaving, an insider alleges.

Eddie, who infamously dumped his wife Brandi Glanville to marry the country singer, is said to be unhappy with the way things have been running in the Rimes household as of late. According to reports, LeAnn’s situation in terms of finances is far from stable.

The 33-year-old hasn’t released an album in three years, and on top of that, their VH1 reality show was cancelled after just one series following the revelation that their reality show had one of the worst ratings the network had seen in years.

Taking this into consideration, money hasn’t been entering LeAnn Rimes’ bank account the way it used to. In fact, her early days in the music industry were probably her golden years, where LeAnn could easily make up to $250,000 for a one-off performance.

With all that being said, times have changed. LeAnn’s relevancy in the music industry have fallen, and so have people’s interest in her private life. Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that Eddie won’t stay around if Rimes can’t cough up the cash that will allow him to continue living a lavish lifestyle.

His ex-wife Brandi Glanville was very vocal at the time of their split, claiming that Eddie had only left her and their two children because LeAnn Rimes is worth millions, something the former Real Housewives star couldn’t compete with.

But with reports claiming that LeAnn is slowly beginning to run short of money, the singer fears that she could eventually turn into Brandi and lose Eddie for the simple fact that she’s no longer able to financially support the father-of-two.

A source, as quoted by CDL, claims that “LeAnn is desperate for cash and heading out on tour. It’s no secret that Eddie has taken full advantage of his wife’s bottomless bank accounts over the years, and as a result, they can finally see the bottom of it. Insecure LeAnn is scared that if she can no longer support her hubby, then he will jump ship.”

LeAnn Rimes has reportedly spent a fortune on Eddie Cibrian all for the sake of his happiness. It is no secret that Rimes loves traveling all around the world, but with Eddie and his two children in the picture, flying first class all the time can heavily weigh on her bank account.

Furthermore, Eddie, who notes himself to be a self-proclaimed Hollywood actor, hasn’t exactly been landing many roles as of late. Aside from his usual tabloid coverage, Eddie is probably best known for having starred in 2013’s The Best Man Holiday.

Sources say that if LeAnn Rimes can’t pull together thousands of interested country music lovers who are willing to spend money to see her live, her marriage could potentially be in turmoil.

With no album out, how does LeAnn actually plan to get people buying tickets to her show? This evidently only works for artists like Beyonce, who can head out on tour without an album and still make close to $100 million.

Rimes has yet to respond to these claims.

[Photo by Fabiano Silva/Getty Images for Maxim]