Beyoncé Divorce? Beyoncé Gets Naked, Hints At Jay-Z Break-Up In ‘Lemonade’ HBO Special [Video]

Beyoncé Divorce? Beyoncé Gets Naked, Hints At Jay-Z Break-Up In 'Lemonade' HBO Special [Video]

Beyoncé divorce rumors are swirling around now that Beyoncé’s Lemonade special premiered on HBO on Saturday, April 23. Beyoncé seemed to spill her soul and secrets — and stripped naked in some scenes — during the one-hour special, with Beyoncé speaking of a cheating mate who would come home at 3 a.m. like her own father. Beyoncé sang of a man who hid his secrets and lived a separate life and used Beyoncé — the one who loved him the most.

With Beyoncé’s openness displayed in the special, Twitter is reporting that the hashtag #LEMONADE has swelled to more than 548,000 Twitter tweets. The hashtag Beyoncé has 355,000 tweets, and many of those tweets wonder if Beyoncé was making a divorce announcement via the special. Lots of videos from Beyoncé’s Lemonade special are flowing into the video tab of Twitter, as seen below.

Although initially Beyoncé seemed to be making some sort of divorce announcement with the lyrics about Beyoncé lying as well as the man who cheated on her, a divorce between Beyoncé and Jay-Z might not be in the works after all, based on the ending of Lemonade. The horror scenes turned sweet when Beyoncé included videos of her and her husband — not necessarily getting a divorce — but of Beyoncé and Jay-Z during their wedding.

#Beyonce is dropping divorce and break-up anthems left and right tonight. #Lemonade

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Beyoncé showed her and Jay-Z getting their tattoos, which showed the Roman numeral IV on their ring fingers. At one point, when Beyoncé hugs Jay-Z and appears to be saying goodbye to him, she doesn’t wear any ring besides the tattoo on her wedding finger.

Either Beyoncé’s potential divorce was announced via the Lemonade special, which included scenes of a young Beyoncé with her father, or Beyoncé was working through potential divorce plans that were reconciled into another chance at marriage. Beyoncé opened her heart and sang about putting on the skin of the perfect woman to please her man — along with the other woman’s teeth and other properties.

Beyoncé divorce was hinted at, with rumors of Jay-Z cheating via Lemonade, reports Bustle. However, only if and when news breaks of any divorce papers being filed by Beyoncé or Jay-Z would the divorce rumors be put to rest.

Blue Ivy showed up in Lemonade, along with plenty of scenes that left Lemonade viewers wondering about Beyoncé’s experiences. Beyoncé spoke of fasting for 60 days, not looking in mirrors, and using the Bible’s pages to stop the flow of menstruation.

Beyond Beyoncé hinting about divorce from Jay-Z, the singer’s Lemonade featured her singing that she’d be okay in the wake of a break-up or divorce — she and her baby, that is — because Beyoncé makes enough money to live comfortably. Beyoncé also sang about a “big homie” with a God complex, a person many folks on social media are likening to Jay-Z.

The reactions to Beyoncé’s Lemonade are pouring into social media.

“Twitter is making it sound to me like Beyoncé just served Jay-Z divorce papers on live TV possibly in song format.”

“Here we go again. Fanning the divorce rumor flames right b4 a tour. I’m down with her visuals tho. .”

“Plot twist: Beyoncé announces divorce.”

“I’m 90% sure I’m watching an hour long divorce music video?

“#Beyonce is dropping divorce and break-up anthems left and right tonight. #Lemonade

“Beyoncé just released the most flawless divorce announcement and I am absolutely slayed.”

“If Beyoncé album don’t drop on Tidal tonight the blogs are going to be filled with ‘They getting a divorce’ headlines….

“Beyoncé just got custody of us in the divorce.”

“If Beyoncé really got HBO to bankroll her divorce note to Jay Z she GOAT, and there’s not even any point in arguing anymore.”

“Pro tip: don’t cheat on Beyoncé. She won’t divorce you but she will make an entire album about it, air it on HBO, and make everyone hate you.”

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