Prince On Elevators Before Death: 'The Elevator Is The Devil' -- Was Prince A Christian? [Video]

Prince's death on an elevator was especially weird, said L.A. Reid, especially in light of how Prince felt about elevators. As seen in the below video from ET, Prince's friend Reid spoke about the spookiness of Prince's dead body being found on an elevator.

As reported by ET, Reid spoke of Prince's dislike for elevators. Prince thought elevators were the devil. Prince's thoughts on elevators were made clear in Prince's song from 1984, titled "Let's Go Crazy." The lyrics from Prince likened an elevator to something evil that could try to bring a person down. Prince sang of battling against the elevator by pressing a higher floor instead of allowing the elevator to bring a person down.

And if the elevator tries to bring you downGo crazy, punch a higher floor

If you don't like the world you're living inTake a look around youAt least you got friends

You see I called my old ladyFor a friendly wordShe picked up the phoneDropped it on the floor(Ah, ah) is all I heard

Are we gonna let the elevatorBring us downOh, no let's go!

Reid directly spoke of the time that Prince talked about his thoughts on elevators. It was an elevator conversation that Reid found off-putting, since he didn't like the talk of the devil. Hearing that Prince had been found dead on an elevator on the first floor of Paisley Park – Prince's home and studio – was especially troubling for Reid.
"One time when I was with him privately, he said, 'You know what the elevator is, right?' I said, 'No, what's the elevator?' He said, 'Well, the elevator is the devil.' It scared me. I don't like to talk like that, but he said that. So, for me, it was like really haunting when I read that he was found in an elevator."
With talk of the devil and such evil, one wonders if Prince's faith was Christianity. Prince has spoken about his Jehovah's Witness faith, as seen in the below video. Plenty of controversy exists over whether that means Prince was a Christian or not; therefore, looking to Prince's lyrics about faith help further determine Prince's real beliefs.
Prince performed a cover of a Christian song called "What If," as reported by Billboard.

The "What If" song had decidedly Christian lyrics, and was originally performed by the Christian artist Nichole Nordeman. Nichole is a Christian singer who has won multiple GMA Dove Awards. It was one of the most popular Christian songs. The lyrics of the song covered by Prince challenged those who think the tenets of Christianity are foolishness. Prince, through the "What If" song, asked what if folks discovered they were wrong about their thoughts of Christianity being wrong.

Prince also spoke about his faith in songs like "Holy River," when Prince described asking his ex-wife Mayte Garcia to marry him. Prince waxed nostalgic about looking back at the "one eye staring at nothing at all" that was featured in his earlier videos. Prince sings, asking his listeners to ponder as he did, who gave him life when there was none at all.

Prince came to the conclusion in his "Holy River" song that One gave the sun permission to rise up every day – and sang that he was proud to call that name.

Any footage from upcoming private or public funerals and memorials for Prince might spill more information about his faith. In the meantime, as seen in the top photo above, a skywriter wrote "Prince" in the sky on Saturday, April 23.

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