Bath Salts Cause Naked Teen To Battle Imaginary Bugs In Arizona Coffee Shop

Tempe, AZ – At this point, I’m not sure why people continue to use bath salts. Given all of the crazy news stories that have popped up over the past year, it’s surprising that so many individuals would want to ingest a substance that turns them into raging maniacs. It boggles the mind. According to the Phoenix New Times, an 18-year-old man began battling a horde of imaginary insects inside a coffee shop bathroom after consuming the controversial drug.

Tempe resident Noah McQueen admitted to partaking in the substance, which caused him to wage a private, bloody battle with the insects he felt were eating him alive. At some point during his violent struggle, McQueen managed to shed quite a bit of his clothing.

Authorities explained that several employees at Tempe’s Xtreme Bean Coffee Company noticed the suspect almost as soon as he walked through the door. According to them, McQueen was acting in a very peculiar fashion during his visit to the java-slinging establishment. However, it wasn’t until the teenager locked himself in the bathroom that workers knew something was seriously amiss.

Before long, police arrived on the scene to confront the bath salt consumer. When officers kicked down the door to confront McQueen, they discovered he was wearing nothing but his birthday suit. What’s more, authorities stated the kid had done “quite a number” on the public restroom, breaking the mirror during his struggle against these imaginary assailants. As a result, the room was reportedly covered in a lot of blood.

Eventually, officers were able to calm McQueen down long enough to get the kid to a hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and his consumption of bath salts. Although the 18-year-old has yet to be taken into custody, it’s believed that McQueen will face criminal damage charges for his stint in the coffee shop bathroom.

Bath salts, which are synthetic cathinones, can have the same reaction on the body as amphetamines, ecstasy, or cocaine. Users also refer to the powerful stimulant as “complete crank” and “fake cocaine.”