Did Robert Pattinson End FKA Twigs Engagement Over Her Jealousy Issues? Wedding Reportedly Off

Robert Pattinson has reportedly ended his engagement to FKA twigs following reports that the singer was having a hard time trusting her fiancé’s faithfulness, allegedly having accused him of cheating in the past.

According to CelebDirtyLaundry, Robert feels like he has rushed the whole idea of eventually tying the knot with FKA twigs, convinced it was all too soon. Just months after he decided to part ways with Kristen Stewart, he found himself dating the singer, and it wasn’t long before she moved in and was proposed to.

Sources say that Pattinson regrets rushing for marriage, particularly since FKA twigs is said to have made endless accusations against the Twilight actor. In Touch claims that the British-born artist gets jealous very easily, especially since Robert Pattinson is surrounded by beautiful girls every single day.

It was even alleged that FKA twigs didn’t like the idea of Rob traveling out of the country to film movies with hot co-stars when she was busy working on her music in the U.K. There has always been that lack of trust between the two, an insider adds, which has evidently led to Pattinson’s decision in wanting to call it quits.

“She’s very jealous and he was sick of having to explain himself. He’s still young and just decided he wasn’t ready to settle down. It’s been a long time coming. They were fighting all the time.”

robert pattinson and fka twigs broke up i don’t believe in love anymore

— kelso (@vcutegrl) April 24, 2016

Other sources mention that Robert’s career tends to see him travel from country to country, never really giving him the chance to settle down in one place for more than a month. If Pattinson and twigs are already spending less time with one another due to their work schedule, Robert can’t imagine married life with a woman he never has time to see, let alone share his feelings for.

CDL, however, goes on stress that Robert Pattinson’s split from FKA twigs shouldn’t come as a shock since the twosome have allegedly been arguing for months. It’s been almost two years since their engagement, and neither of them has made any move to further their plans as a soon-to-be married couple.

FKA twigs and Robert haven’t attended any public events together in months, which certainly hasn’t helped their reps, who have firmly denied the break-up allegations in the past. In fact, many fans had speculated who the mysterious woman was that Pattinson was seen hanging out with earlier this month.

Some outlets believe that the lady in question could have been Robert’s new love interest, while others think she might have just been an extra for Pattinson’s latest movie, The Trap, which is believed to have started shooting scenes two weeks ago.

Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs have refrained from commenting on their private matters, but considering the fact that the twosome are constantly apart from one another, they haven’t been seen together in some time, and with allegations claiming that FKA often accuses Robert Pattinson of cheating on her, the duo might have broken up weeks ago.

Until Robert publicly admits to having moved on from twigs, fans will have to stay tuned to find out whether Pattinson’s engagement to FKA is officially over. But what do you think? Are they still together or not?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]