Maryland Primary Polls 2016: Bernie Sanders Smashed By Clinton For Democrats, Republican Donald Trump Could Take All

In the latest Maryland primary polls for 2016, voters are showing a clear preference for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with Bernie Sanders coming in especially far behind his Democratic rival. Similarly, the other Republicans in the race will also find themselves scrambling for delegates on Tuesday.

Democratic Maryland Primary Polls

Bernie and Hillary will be facing off in their second biggest prize of the night in the Maryland primary. The state holds a substantial 118 delegates, 23 of whom are superdelegates. If 2016 polls hold true, Sanders will be walking away with less than a third them — Clinton is landing a 20-point plus advantage in nearly every survey taken this month.

The two most recent polls both show Hillary beating out Bernie by 25 percentage points. Monmouth University is calling Clinton 57 percent to Sanders 33 percent, while Public Policy Polling is projecting 58 percent to 33 percent. The latter Maryland primary prediction had a larger sample size with 492 likely voters and a smaller margin or error, with 4.4 percent.

recent Maryland primary polls Bernie Sanders Democratic Republican 2016
Bernie Sanders is faring poorly in Maryland Democratic primary polls, meaning Hillary Clinton might take the state in 2016. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Near the beginning of the month, a larger Maryland primary poll was carried out by NBC 4/Marist with 775 likely voters. In that set-up, Bernie lost by 22 percentage points, although Hillary still walked away with a 58-percent share of the vote.

If these polls are accurate, Clinton will be taking home as many as 71 of Maryland’s 95 pledged delegates, with Sanders potentially taking home as few as 24. Superdelegates aside, Hillary is 955 delegates away from an automatic nomination, while 1,230 stand in the way for Sanders, reported the Associated Press. The states up for vote on Tuesday offer more than 450 delegates in total, although a significant number of these are superdelegates.

Republican Maryland Primary Polls

On the Republican side, there isn’t much hope for Ted Cruz or John Kasich in Maryland either. While Donald doesn’t have quite the commanding lead in the primary as he has in other polls from the 2016 race, he will easily win by 10 percent or more if surveying has been at all accurate.

this is the Maryland primary polls 2016 Bernie Sanders Democratic Republican
The Maryland primary will feature some of the most African-American voters in the country. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Most recently, Public Policy Polling gave Trump 14-point advantage over Kasich, with Cruz trailing another 5 percentage points behind him. That survey, with 310 likely voters, is being given the most weight by most poll aggregators. A week earlier, Monmouth University’s numbers showed an even bigger win for Donald — coming out 20 percentage points ahead of Kasich.

Free Beacon and Target Point collaborated on a separate Maryland poll that was released two weeks ago but featured a sample size of 600 likely voters. It gave Trump his least decisive win of any of the state’s poll data, with Donald coming in with 33 percent of the vote, just 8 percentage points ahead of Kasich.

As the Maryland primary is winner-take-all, that could easily mean that Trump is taking home all of the state’s 38 delegates. Donald just has to narrowly win polls in each individual Congressional district as well as statewide, explained the Green Papers.

Trump needs just under 400 of the 733 remaining delegates to lock up the 2016 nomination before the convention, where his future is uncertain. On Tuesday, 172 of them are up for grabs.

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