James Franco Making A Film About Lindsay Lohan

Just when you think you have an idea of what James Franco has up his sleeve, he decides to make a film about Lindsay Lohan. The actor — who’s famous for his odd choices of meta-career avenues such as his “performance art” on General Hospital, his student films with famous friends, and collecting as many MFAs as he possibly can — has decided that he’s not done experimenting with his celebrity status.

It’s not known whether or not Lindsay Lohan and James Franco know each other well enough for Franco to make a film about Lohan, but my guess is the film will be more inspired by her celebrity and the tabloid filtered lifestyle. The only tie Lohan has with Franco up until now is a circulating story that the troubled actress once blamed Franco’s rejection as a reason she went into rehab.

The casting ad, which was posted on Actor’s Access, breaks the film down as a feature about “the life of two Hollywood celebrities.” The casting breakdown for the film calls for “James Franco types” and “Lindsay Lohan types” that range in the age from 13, 21, 30, 45, and 60. There’s no word on whether or not Franco will star in the film, but he is listed as a director.

It is a bit odd that James Franco would be creating a movie about him and Lohan, but, then again, if you compare this project to his other art house films, it’s right up his alley of cinematic pursuits.

Are you excited about the possibility of a Lindsay Lohan and James Franco-inspired film?