Eileen Davidson Battles It Out With Lisa Vanderpump On Twitter: 'I'll Get A Life When You Get A Conscience'

Eileen Davidson has turned into quite the social media queen over the past few months, and has used it as a vessel to feed her feud with Lisa Vanderpump. Many fans are worried that her behavior on social media may cost her her Bravo position. All About The Tea stated that the constant picking on Lisa Vanderpump should be a huge red flag for the Bravo producers.

On Friday night, Davidson took to Twitter to pick a fight with Lisa Vanderpump about her recent social media update. Lisa asked her followers to send a letter to the governor of California to protest the torture and killing of dogs for their meat in China. Lisa tossed in her own shade into the plea to her followers to help her cause.

Of course, Eileen saw Lisa's status as a dig at her, and she couldn't walk away. The soap opera star had to respond. Davidson responded by stating that she will "get a life" when Lisa gets a conscience. From there, it got pretty ugly when Vanderpump's fans started chiming in.
Just a few days ago, Eileen posted a picture to Twitter and revealed she had a great photo shoot, and she has a new product in the works. The image was beautiful; Eileen was on the beach wearing a gorgeous bluish sundress. She used this time to throw shade at Vanderpump when a fan asked if she if the product were LVP repellant. Davidson replied, " Got me thinking!"
Last week, Eileen tweeted that her husband doesn't want her to use social media anymore. It is evident that she was battling a few opinionated Lisa Vanderpump fans on Twitter. After some backlash about claiming that Vince could dictate if she posted to social media, she admitted that he was joking but concerned about her. Davidson stated that she had been ignoring her haters, and finally responded to stand up for herself, and it became a virtual blood bath.
Davidson posted that she never knew blocking people could be so much fun on social media. Her supporters reacted by telling her they appreciate her honesty on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and hopes to see her next season. Of course, you didn't see anyone who opposed her in the conversation because (obviously) they were blocked.
For a few weeks, it's been speculated that she could be losing her place on RHOBH. The Bravo fans have not warmed up to her and feel that she has caused unneeded drama towards Lisa Vanderpump when she could have let the apology disagreement go a long time ago. In her Bravo blog, Davidson claims that she has gained nothing from her year-long feud with Lisa Vanderump.
"It's not like we get a bonus check from Bravo or a new BMW with a bow around it. No one throws us a pizza party. Nobody hands us a bunch of balloons. In fact, it makes our lives harder. Our honesty has made us targets for the hate and vitriol unleashed by Lisa V., her husband, and her die-hard followers. So, I ask you all, with nothing to gain, and possibly our future on the show to lose, why would we do it?"
It's apparent that Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson don't see eye-to-eye right now, and it looks like it may not change moving into next season.

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