The New 'Doctor Who' Companion Revealed: Pearl Mackie To Join Peter Capaldi In The Tardis As 'Bill'

Doctor Who fans have patiently waited for official word on who would join Peter Capaldi in the Tardis after actress Jenna Coleman announced her character Clara Oswald would be exiting the series. The wait is officially over, as BBC One announced that actress Pearl Mackie will be taking her place on the Tardis as the Doctor's official companion. The big reveal of Mackie as the companion came with a special teaser trailer for Season 10, in which Mackie's character, "Bill," is meeting daleks for the first time.

BBC One reveals that Doctor Who fans can welcome actress Pearl Mackie to the series as the Doctor's official companion. To introduce Mackie to fans, the official Doctor Who Twitter account released a Season 10 teaser that shows the Doctor attempting to explain daleks to Mackie's character, "Bill."

Mackie is described as a "fine, fine actress" by co-star Peter Capaldi as he notes that Mackie will be a "refreshing addition" to the Doctor Who team.
"It is a genuine delight to welcome Pearl Mackie to Doctor Who. A fine, fine actress with a wonderful zest and charm, she's a refreshing addition to the Tardis and will bring a universe of exciting new possibilities to The Doctor's adventures."
Mackie says she is thoroughly delighted to be chosen for the part as the Doctor's companion, noting she "couldn't be prouder" to call the Tardis her home.
"I'm incredibly excited to be joining the Doctor Who family. It's such an extraordinary British institution, I couldn't be prouder to call the Tardis my home."
Regarding working with Peter Capaldi on the series, Mackie notes that Capaldi is a "brilliant actor" and that she looks forward to working with his "wacky" character. She notes that her character "Bill" is "wicked," and that she plays the perfect combination of "cool, strong, sharp" with a little bit of "geekiness" thrown in for good measure.In addition to the teaser trailer released by the Doctor Who twitter page, numerous official photos of Mackie as "Bill" have also been released.Pearl Mackie isn't the only change that is coming to Doctor Who in the near future. Head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, announced back in January that he would be leaving the show after Season 10. He notes that after Season 10, he will be replaced with writer Chris Chibnall.
"Feels odd to be talking about leaving when I'm just starting work on the scripts for Season 10, but the fact is my timey-wimey is running out. While Chris is doing his last run of 'Broadchurch,' I'll be finishing up on the best job in the universe and keeping the TARDIS warm for him. It took a lot of gin and tonic to talk him into this, but I am beyond delighted that one of the true stars of British Television drama will be taking the Time Lord even further into the future. At the start of season 11, Chris Chibnall will become the new showrunner of 'Doctor Who.' And I will be thrown in a skip."
While teaser trailers have been released for Season 10 featuring Pearl Mackie, fans will have to continue to wait for the season premiere, as the release has been put off until 2017. Therefore, Doctor Who fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see what Moffat has in store for "Bill" and the Doctor.

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