4 Million Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled

You can’t go to a baby shower without seeing a Bumbo baby seat these days, and soon the company could see upwards of 4 million Bumbo baby seats being recalled after nearly two dozen reports of skull fractures caused by children determined to escape their surroundings.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently revealed that some children have learned to wiggle out of the floor based seat, causing them to fall and hit their heads and injury other body parts.

This is not the first recall for Bumbo; in 2007, the company asked customers to send in their seats so they could add warning labels telling parents not to place the seats on raised surfaces.

The popular infant seat is meant to be placed on a flat floor surface where children can comfortably sit up with the help of the device.

Since the 2007 recall, at least 50 parents have reported accidents in which their child has fallen out of the seat when placed on raised surfaces. In at least 16 cases, the seat was placed on the floor as directed, but the children still wiggled out of the chairs and were injured.

All together, there have been 21 reports of skull fractures since 2007.

The newest Bumbo seat recall will provide parents with a repair kit that includes a restraint belt.

In the meantime, like any child based product, parents should still place close attention to their child. As a first time father with an 8-month-old at home, even I’m aware of how quickly a baby can learn to escape their surroundings.

For more information about the Bumbo baby seat recall, go to the Bumbo recall website.