Kim Kardashian In Prison Orange? Why The Reality Star Is Behind Bars

A new picture shows Kim Kardashian in a prison orange jumpsuit, but the reality show fameball is, alas, not actually behind bars.

Kim Kardashian’s prison orange jumpsuit look is a bit perfectly coiffed and made-up, and immediately you can see it’s not actually an in-jail shot of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast member.

No, Kim Kardashian is in prison orange, and it’s not even for a reality show segment. Kardashian is actually doing a guest-stint on the popular Lifetime TV dramedy Drop Dead Diva — which, if you’re not familiar with the hit show, is about a thin and beautiful woman who dies and is sort-of reincarnated in the body of a plus-size woman. (Kind of like that Chris Rock redux of the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait.)

Kardashian is donning prison orange as she reprises her role on Drop Dead Diva as relationship advice guru Nikki LePree, appearing on the August 26 episode. In LePree’s last appearance on the show, she’d bilked a fellow character out of a lot of dough for a business concept called “Pake” (a mix of pie and cake) before leaving town, but the law caught up with her and sent her to jail — hence the jumpsuit.

Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman says that he was impressed by Kim’s professionalism and charm, so he extended LePree’s story arc:

“We wrote her a three episode arc. But, once she got on set and I was with her I got to see what her strengths were and we got to write to those… Her character goes head to head with Jane. She’s got a fantastic twist that no one will see coming in episode three.”

Will you be tuning in to see Kim Kardashian’s prison orange Drop Dead Diva comeback?