WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt’s Time Out Due To Injury Now Known — When Will He Return?

A little over a week ago, Bray Wyatt suffered a legit calf injury on WWE’s European tour that actually resulted in him being sent home. Fans and WWE officials feared the worst as they thought it might have been yet another main event talent who would miss months due to a serious injury. Well, now Wyatt’s status is officially known and how much time he will miss has been revealed.

The injury happened at a house show in Milan when Wyatt was facing off with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. As Wyatt shoved Reigns back into a corner, he pulled up lame and immediately fell down to the mat while holding his leg.

Wyatt tried to get up and continue the match, but he couldn’t even stand. Trainers rushed out to the ring to tend to him, and the match was done at that time. WWE confirmed the injury later that night, but his status has not been updated since then.

wwe rumors bray wyatt injury time out return payback

Some have feared the worst and that he would end up missing a lot of time just like John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Cesaro, and numerous others.

Well, the Wrestling Observer is now reporting that Bray Wyatt ended up suffering a pulled muscle in his right leg and it isn’t overly severe. In order to make sure that it doesn’t get worse though, WWE is going to give him the time needed to rest.

As of now, Wyatt is expected to miss four to six weeks.

It’s not known exactly when Bray Wyatt will actually be able to get back in the ring, as it’s already been a week since the injury happened. There is pretty much no way that he will be able to make it back in the ring by the time Payback rolls around on May 1.

A feud had been building between The Wyatt Family and the League of Nations, but that has obviously had to be put on hold.

wwe rumors bray wyatt injury time out return payback league of nations

With WWE reportedly wanting to split up the League of Nations and have them go their separate ways, that feud may never end up happening. It won’t happen at Payback, but if WWE keeps the stable together then it could be a match that place at Extreme Rules on May 22.

Bray Wyatt returning for that PPV is not out of the question. It could be pushing it, but it’s not an impossibility.

Now, with Wyatt not out for an extended length of time, there are two other feuds that he could move onto. WWE had just started building a program between him and Roman Reigns right before the injury happened. This is a program that could have serious ramifications on how things happen over the next couple of months, so WWE will likely go back to it.

wwe rumors bray wyatt injury time out return payback roman reigns

There is also the possibility that WWE could end up going with a feud between Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar upon the return of the beast. If it happens, that program would end the summer and come to a head at SummerSlam.

What Culture said it is very fortunate that the prognosis for Wyatt is good because WWE simply could not afford to lose another big time talent for a long time. The past year alone has been difficult enough as it is.

Bray Wyatt suffering that calf injury on the European tour honestly had the potential of being very bad for a lot of people. It could have affected him and his push, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan, Brock Lesnar, and all of WWE. Now, it’s good to know it isn’t very serious and that he’ll be back before too long. It’s more than likely he will return in time for Money in the Bank in June, but the new “face of fear” could possibly be back in time for Extreme Rules.

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