WWE News: Major Pitches Have Reportedly Been Made For Finn Balor’s Main Roster Debut

WWE NXT star Finn Balor recently lost his NXT Title to Samoa Joe at an NXT live event this past Thursday. It shocked the wrestling world, as no one thought we would see Balor lose the title here. We knew he very well could lose it at an NXT Takeover event, which could have happened in Dallas or at the next Takeover in June. That is why having it occur now really didn’t make any sense, especially for an non-televised event. This isn’t the U.S. Title we’re talking about here, it’s the NXT Championship that Balor had a record reign with.

Fans are split on it happening this way. Some say that it is good that WWE did something different, and it made house shows mean more. Meanwhile, others say that they wanted to see Finn Balor lose the title like usual. We’re not going to see this entire match, but rather the end highlights that only a few hundred got to see live over the thousands who would have wanted to see it on the WWE Network. This is especially hard on those who hate the move because of the record title reign.

All other champions got to see theirs end on the network for all to see. Now, the most popular NXT Champion ever (barring Seth Rollins) had to see his end a live event? The hate is understandable for this.

Balor NXT
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Regardless of how you feel about the title change, it has happened. Interestingly, this was not something they just wanted to do out of nowhere. According to the Wrestling Observer, this was the plan for some time now. Some thought they were doing this because they felt the need to bring Finn Balor up to the main roster quicker, but rather, this was always set to happen the way it did at the time and place it did.

The Observer also notes that WWE is planning to have Balor take on Samoa Joe at the next NXT Takeover special in June in his re-match for the NXT Title. Some thought that Balor was injured in his match with Joe, but that was not the case. He apparently used the ankle injury to sell the story of being hurt in the match. He even loosened up his boot a bit to help with that beforehand. For those unaware, Balor was out for a bit with an actual ankle injury earlier this year.

He is perfectly fine, which is good to see for the former champ. This is good for everyone, as Finn Balor seems to be someone the company wants to use in a major way. The Observer noted that several pitches have been made for Balor regarding his main roster debut. Of course, we know the rumor surrounding his potential alliance with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, which is most likely where WWE is going to go.

Bullet Club
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However, some pitches involve him not being involved with them at all and having a completely different storyline than this. Random rumors from him going after the next WWE Intercontinental Champion to siding with The Authority alone are out there. It would be weird to see for fans, as we all know the connection and teases from Finn Balor about joining “his boys” from NJPW sort of expect them to pair up. If it did go another way, it would need to be shocking and surprising to a point that fans didn’t care about him linking up with his former Bullet Club teammates.

All of this being said, it does seem to be leaning toward him working with them to begin with at least. The rumor is that he very well could be making his main roster debut this week at either WWE RAW on Monday or at the WWE Payback PPV next Sunday night. Depending on how they want to play it, we could very well see Finn Balor vs AJ Styles very quickly into Balor’s debut. With plans for Roman Reigns to remain WWE World Champion for a while, it does not seem that Styles vs Balor will be for the title if this match occurs.

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