Sprint Cuts iPhone 4S Pricing To $50 With Two-Year Contract

Need more proof that the iPhone 5 is on the horizon? Sprint Wireless on Tuesday slashed the cost of its iPhone 4S offering by $100. While the phone is still selling at the $150 price tag that the wireless company announced last week, customers now receive a $100 American Express Reward Card which can be used anywhere Amex is accepted.

If you need to do more shopping on the same day you can sign a two-year contract with voice+data capabilities and a few hours later be no your way to an Amex shopping experience.

The $50 price tag grabs customers the 16GB model of the iPhone 4S.

At the new price point Apple now has the least expensive iPhone 4S deal in the United States.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 in late September and then start selling the device in October, typically as Apple revs up for its next generation iPhone device the cost for older generations is drastically reduced by Apple and its supporting carriers. Apple has already acknowledged that the speculation over the iPhone 5 has been hurting iPhone 4S sales, the new low price could be the short term boost Apple needs before the iPhone 5 arrives in several short months.

Clearing out iPhone 4S supply may be more important than ever since Apple is expected to reduce the size of its traditional 30-pin connector which would force adapters or a new device to take advantage of upcoming Apple iOS products.

Is $50 the perfect price for you to buy an iPhone 4S on the Sprint Wireless network?