Valerie Recalls Some 20 Years Ago When She Was 'Abducted By Aliens'

Erin Fitzgerald

It isn't a normal occurrence to hear someone say that she was abducted by aliens, but Valerie claims that she was, in fact, abducted by aliens some 20 years ago. Valerie recalls the night that she was abducted.

As Valerie visited Roy Dutton, author and UFO expert, in Torquay, she recalls that night she was abducted by aliens, Torquay Herald Express reports.

On the night of July 16, 1981, Valerie, 26, was driving home from Sheffield with her two friends, Rosemary and Vivienn.

It all began when Valerie and her friends saw a very bright light in the sky. Valerie discusses the details with Roy.

"We saw a craft in the sky, it was about 30ft in diameter and hovered directly above the car. I was in the back, I didn't remember much at the time — none of us did, things started to come back after the hypnosis. I remembered hearing a beeping noise and I started to feel quite drowsy. Me and Rosemary saw the craft hovering over the field next to us. I can remember seeing windows and a dome, it had a rim on it. But Rosemary couldn't remember what it looked like."

"I was in a white wedge shaped room with two humanoid beings, a male and a female both with shoulder length dark hair and hypnotic blue eyes."
"You'll laugh but the female gestured to try on my shoes, I laughed. I remember laughing at the time. But afterwards, philosophically I wondered whether it was trying to communicate that it wanted to see what it felt like to walk in my shoes."
"I believe they are possibly from a parallel universe, to me that seems to be the most reasonable explanation."

The woman, Donna Lee, told Local 6 News that they had been abducted multiple times, one time included her fetus being taken by the aliens.

Donna drew a photo of the aliens and a hypnotist tried to recover memories of her alien abduction. Donna believes that they will eventually be abducted again.

Another case recorded was the 2005 alien abduction in Florida. This man, Thomas, claims that he was watching the news at 1 am when he had a sudden urge to go outside. When he went outside, he saw a very bright orange light above the pond in his back yard. Thomas explained what he saw and mentioned that the beautiful object just vanished.

A couple days later, Thomas discovered a tiny, red triangle on his chest, which had a burning sensation. When Thomas went to the doctor, he was informed of his elevated Triglycerides and his high risk of a stroke or heart attack, as well as his extremely low Electrolytes.

Do you believe in alien abductions? Roy already wrote one book on Valerie's experience, and is in the process of writing a second book some 20 years after Valerie's alien abduction experience.