Walmart Exorcism: Kansas Couple Faces Charges Of Child Abuse

The two children who were found bound outside of a Kansas Walmart were scheduled to be exorcised by their family, according to The New York Daily News.

At the preliminary hearing for Adolfo Gomez and Deborah M. Gomez, police officer Hayden Fowler testified that one of the couple’s kids admitted the family believed they were surrounded by demons. Adolfo and Deborah apparently felt that these otherworldly forces had somehow possessed two of their beloved children, forcing these concerned parents to take matters into the own hands. Not surprisingly, they are currently facing charges of child abuse and child endangerment.

When authorities first arrived on the scene, Adolfo and his brood were “loudly either reciting religious sayings or possibly praying” inside their SUV. The Lawrence Journal-World reports that officers also found a cooler filled with several bottles of urine, though it’s unclear where this fluid came from. What’s more, police are still baffled as to how the family intended to perform the exorcism on their offspring.

Adolfo and Deborah were arrested back in June after someone spotted their children bound and rolling around on the ground outside of their vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. Altogether, the couple has five children, their ages ranging from five to 15. Presently, all of their kids are in protective custody.

Douglas County District Court Judge Paula Martin ruled that, while prosecutors couldn’t prove their case in regards to endangerment, there was an abundance of evidence that suggested the children had been abused.

If something weird is going to happen in America, chances are it’s going to go down at Walmart. The superstore has been a virtual magnet for all sorts of bizarre behavior, including teenage mobs hellbent on destruction, KY Jelly-stealing public fornicators, and customers who find themselves superglued to the store’s public toilets. An exorcism in the parking lot seems like just another day at America’s favorite retailer.