Marvel Cinematic Universe: 'Deadpool' Director Reveals Villains Were Cut, Chris Evans Says One Can Beat 'Captain America,' And 'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Features Things Unexplored

Marvel's Cinematic Universe is expanding in big ways from May 2016 forward, but some characters like Deadpool and Captain America have already helped kick off the cinematic universe to come. Deadpool hit theaters like a comic book adaptation phenomenon, but like many Marvel and DC Comics films, it had to lose a few characters before it became the finished product. Deadpool director Tim Miller revealed to Comicbook that three villains had to be left on the cutting room floor before its release.

"They were Ajax's sidekicks – they're all good characters. [Deadpool creator] Rob Liefield is still crying because Garrison Kane's not in the movie, and Wire had one of the single best jokes in the script ever; his death was pretty epic. But I felt like, honestly – and this is not pandering – I wanted some more women in the movie. And so I wanted to replace them with a female superhero, or supervillain in Gina [Carano]'s case."
Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
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Marvel's Cinematic Universe had already taken on a tall order taking Deadpool to the big screen. Unlike Chris Evans' Captain America, the initial Deadpool outing in X-men Origins: Wolverine was a massive cinematic flop.

Deadpool's director stated that ultimately they were eliminated for budgetary reasons, as their effects would've been crushing to the overall budget, Deadpool villain Garrison Kane being the most expensive of the crew.

"Garrison Kane has a bionic arm for instance, and that was going to be expensive. Wire shoots wires out of his extremities. We had a really cool scene where he was fighting Deadpool and Deadpool was cutting through the wires with his swords, but all expensive and all CG, and when it came time to make the movie we just had to make some hard, hard decisions."
Deadpool commands the lead among the Marvel Cinematic Universe films thus far, but Captain America: Civil War is about to steal the show, as it bursts through the cinematic door with a plethora of new Marvel characters. Chris Evans recently explained which of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could wipe the floor with Captain America, and he chose one of Marvel Comics' deities.
"I think Thor would be top. That lightning, that hammer – that could really be nasty for Cap. He's a god – Cap would have a hard time walking away from that one."
Chris Evans as Captain America
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Marvel certainly has a wide universe that could be quite the contenders for Captain America. Captain America: Civil War will be featuring Ant-Man as a member of Cap's team, but its Ant-Man and The Wasp that director Peyton Reed says will feature things you have never seen before. Though, we do not know exactly what they are.

"We've actually been holed up in the room writing the movie — myself, Paul Rudd, Adam McKay, Andrew Barrer and Gab Ferrari. So we're formulating the whole structure of the movie. And I can't really tell you too much yet, except there are going to be things in this movie that you've never seen in any movie before. It's going to be nuts!"
No doubt fans can imagine the crew held up in some cabin somewhere hashing out the film's details, but this is fairly unlikely. Ant-Man fans are certainly looking forward to the Marvel characters' third appearance in the cinematic universe, but don't go assuming that there will be no theft or some kind of heist in Ant-Man and The Wasp because Director Peyton Reed says there will be a little "heistiness."
"There will be some...there will be a little taste of heistiness, but it's... a little bit of different direction for Ant-Man."
Marvel's Cinematic Universe, according to the Inquisitr, will be mostly in Marvel's control for the first time in a long while. Captain America: Civil War and the solo Spider-Man: Homecoming will be examples of this, and fans hope that characters like Spider-Man will benefit for many cinematic experiences to come.

Which film are you more excited for?

Will the comic book publisher's return to control make a new series of Spider-Man appearances on the big screen that much better?

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