Jenelle Evans Catches A Break, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Found Not Guilty After Jury Trial

Jenelle Evans should be thanking her lucky stars for the news she got earlier today. The Teen Mom 2 star has been plagued with a violence charge since last fall after she allegedly assaulted the girlfriend of Nathan Griffith. Evans threw a glass at the new girlfriend, and the young woman decided to call the police on her. It lead to an arrest back in August, and a pending charge for months. Today was the day Evans was set to face the jury, and the verdict came back quickly.

After months of waiting, Jenelle Evans will be able to move past the incidents that occurred last summer and fall. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans was found not guilty on the violence charge against Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend. It has been a long road, and she is ready to move forward. The fact that this charge is no longer going to be plaguing her means big changes. Evans will now be able to get a better job, fight for custody for both children without having to move forward, and many other things that would have left her tied down completely had she been found guilty.

Things are looking pretty good for Jenelle Evans for her custody battles. While Jace may be one that she will have to fight pretty hard for, getting custody of Kaiser shouldn’t be an issue. Evans has been raising him with minimal help from Nathan Griffith. He will be turning 2-years-old in just a few weeks, and there has been no stable fatherly presence in his life for the last several months. Evans has been doing it all on her own, with no incidents that would lead the judge to believe she is unfit. As for Jace, he has been with Barbara for years now. The transition may be hard for him, and the judge may rule to leave him with his grandma. Evans has shown how overwhelmed she gets with both kids on several episodes of Teen Mom 2.

It has been a rough year for Jenelle Evans, but she is moving forward. The split from Nathan Griffith caused a lot of drama in her life. Evans quickly moved on to dating David Eason just a few months after Griffith moved out. By December, Eason was already living in her house with Kaiser. While things have been going well for the couple, rumors have been plaguing them. It was recently speculated that Evans could be on the verge of an engagement. Despite what critics have said about Eason, Evans isn’t going to back away from the man she loves.

If there weren’t already plans to celebrate this weekend, Jenelle Evans better make some. The fact that she faced a jury and won against Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend speaks volumes. While it was a silly arrest, it could have caused years of problems for Evans because it was a violence charge. She has been arrested several times over the last decade, but the charges have almost always been drug-related. Now that things have been dismissed and she has prevailed, Evans is ready to get things moving in life.

The next several weeks will tell how Jenelle Evans is doing in the custody battles. She has a May court date for the case with Jace, and everything with Nathan Griffith is up in the air. Criticism has run high for Evans since she first began reality television. Teen Mom 2 fans are interested to see how the reunion goes, especially since she had recently been feuding with her co-stars. Jenelle Evans dodged a bullet with winning her jury trial earlier today, and now she is free to move forward with everything else that has been waiting.

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