Bourne Loser: Jason Bourne Trailer Takes On A Jimmy Kimmel Spin [Video]

As you probably know by now, the newest Jason Bourne trailer is out, and the fifth chapter of the iconic series starring Matt Damon is as action-packed as the rest. Both fans and critics have shared their thoughts on the new trailer. Some think it looks amazing while others think it looks the same as the other films.

Amidst all the feedback, Jimmy Kimmel decided to weigh in. It’s no secret that Kimmel isn’t a big fan of Damon, and he’ll take every opportunity there is to poke some fun at his movies. He couldn’t help but create a spoof movie trailer to make fun of the latest installment. Jimmy showed the amusing short on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the 16th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, and it was his honor to hand the Joel Siegel award to Matt Damon during the show. This is one of the only scenarios where Kimmel didn't take the time to rip into Damon's acting career. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for VH1)

He began by saying, “Are any of you excited by the new Jason Bourne/Matt Damon movie that’s coming out?” His question was met with cheers, to which he responded that Damon fans should be escorted from the building.

“First the Zika virus, and then this,” he said, referring to the release of the trailer, hinting that another Jason Bourne movies is akin to a public health crisis. Even still, he admitted it looks fairly entertaining, though it’s not clear whether he was referring to the actual trailer or the spoof he showed next.

The spinoff showed bits and pieces of the original trailer with a cheerful-sounding voice-over.

“Jason Bourne had no friends. He was always crashing parties uninvited, and his coworkers despised him. Whenever they planned a party, they hoped Jason wouldn’t find out. But guess who hacked into the e-vite? They tried to keep him away, but Jason wouldn’t take the hint.”

Some of the original trailer dialogue was left in to support what the voice-over was saying. In the end, the title credit came up as “Bourne Loser” rather than Jason Bourne, trying to give the trailer a bit of a comedy feel. See the full Kimmel joke below.

This isn’t the first time Kimmel has ridiculed Damon on his show, nor will it be the last. The previous Bourne films, The Martian, and any other movie starring Matt was also ridiculed mercilessly by the late night television host. A simple search on YouTube with the words “Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon” will show pages of results with the host joking at the actor’s expense.

Kimmel’s ribbing doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the success of the preview so far. It’s well on its way to 3 million likes in less than 24 hours, and the approval ratings are climbing.

The original sneak peek is much more serious and intense than Kimmel would have you believe. It shows Bourne’s return, including him remembering everything he had done before the curtains lifted on The Bourne Identity.

The two-minute preview is riddled with fight scenes and other high-action situations. Matt sat down for an interview with BBC to discuss the intensity of the training involved with shooting the fifth film in the Bourne series. Ultimately, the 45-year-old actor said he probably wouldn’t do it again.

“For the first Bourne movie I was 29 and I thought that was hard work getting into shape,” he said. “Now I’m 45 and it’s just brutal. We shot this bare-knuckle fighting scene on my 45th birthday and it was a lot of work to get there. I was on a very strict diet and spent a lot of time in the gym just making myself miserable. So maybe for the next one Jason Bourne will be fat and happy and old!”

Fans were somewhat surprised to find out that there would be a fifth film in the iconic series. It’s been nine years since he last put on the Bourne costume, so why is he returning suddenly? According to Matt, it’s because the fans kept asking.

“It’s been one of those things that we wanted to do for a long time because we love the character,” he said. “For both Paul and me it’s been a huge part of our careers and the success of those movies has allowed us to do a lot of other stuff. Just walking down the street people will come up to both of us independently and constantly ask if there is going to be another one, and that’s really the reason we did it–that people wanted to see it.”

Jimmy Kimmel might have spent an evening poking fun at the new film, but it hasn’t done a thing to slow down the momentum for either Jason Bourne or Matt Damon. The fifth installment of the Bourne series is set for release in theaters on July 29, 2016.

[Image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]