WWE News: Finn Balor Dropping NXT Championship Leads To Major Rumor Over ‘WWE Payback’ Appearance

WWE NXT star Finn Balor shockingly lost his NXT Championship to Samoa Joe on Thursday night at a random NXT live event in Lowell, Massachusetts. WWE actually made sure to plug the event on NXT this past week, which was not normal for them. It made some speculate that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would show up to help him out, but instead, it revolved around Balor losing his NXT Title.

Finn Balor was the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, beating out Neville a little while back. Most thought if he did drop the title, it would be at the next NXT Takeover event in June. This would have given Balor around 11 months as champion. Now that he has dropped the title at a random time, it makes us believe that live events truly count, and you shouldn’t miss NXT when they come to your area.

Now most are wondering what this means for Finn Balor. Kevin Owens tweeted at Finn last night saying, “See you on Monday.” This sent huge buzz around the world, and when Balor was reportedly telling people that he would see them on Monday, it made us think he would appear on WWE RAW even more than we thought. However, most feel this is a ploy on Balor’s end of things. He is known for messing with fans and teasing things.

Balot NXT Title
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The most likely time we will see him is at WWE Payback. The reason is pretty simple. According to reports from earlier on, it seems as if something is going to happen during the AJ Styles/Roman Reigns match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Most figure that Styles will keep trying to push Gallows and Anderson away because he feels he can do things without help. However, the two want to be useful, and pushing them away could be a problem.

Reportedly, WWE has considered turning AJ Styles heel, but they feel as if he is simply too over as a babyface to do so. His merchandise is selling well, and it does not make sense to turn him when you could use him as a top babyface. Meanwhile, WWE wants to use Finn Balor in a major way. There was some talk of the Balor Club potentially having more members than just Finn, Luke, and Karl. This led some to assume that Styles would be added, but that looks to be unlikely.

This is why it appears as if something will occur during Payback that will result in Balor making his main roster debut. He very well could show up in the main event and either cost AJ the championship or help him to win it. Due to the fact that it seems WWE wants to use Roman Reigns more as champion this year, it looks like the former is the truth.

Bulllet Club
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While Finn Balor could very well show up on Monday, Sunday simply seems more likely and Balor (known for his teases) is trying to tempt fans more and then show up when they don’t expect him to. This is common practice for the former champ. While Samoa Joe beating him was shocking and made an impact, Finn Balor wants to make a bigger one on the main roster. Triple H has been hesitant about bringing Balor up because he didn’t know how he would be used.

Interestingly, The Authority are set to make their return to television very soon. This means The Game can watch over the use of Balor and could very well make him his new Seth Rollins and take the spot of The Architect, which would only lead to more fun down the line for storylines.

The debut of Finn Balor is speculated to be huge and could change everything. He is set to get a crazy push, according to reports, but no one thought we would see him this soon. That makes most feel that Balor will make a much bigger impact than any of us assumed he would before. WWE has something up their sleeve when it comes to The Demon, and this may excite fans enough to see ratings rise, which could only be good for the WWE.

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