KStew Hits The Beach? Nope, It’s ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Ashley Greene

Robert Pattinson wowed in his Daily Show appearance last night, with some media outlets picking up on the fact that he seems to be doing alright after his break-up with Kristen Stewart. So what’s Bella been up to? Hitting the beach? Nope, that’s Twilight co-star Ashley Greene, though she looked like she could be KStew’s twin.

Greene certainly turned heads on Malibu beach Sunday, but it wasn’t what you might think. Distracting from Greene’s toned bikini-clad body is the fact that she looks almost exactly like Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart in the photos, causing media outlets to double-take the brunette bombshell. Wearing her long, dark hair loose around her shoulders, 25-year-old Greene could have easily been mistaken for KStew as she spent the day on the beach paddle boarding with a ripped mystery man (though we think he looks kind of like another Twilight co-star, recently single Peter Facinelli).

Still, Greene cut a sexy and toned figure in her tiny green bikini, so whatever she’s doing, it must work. She recently shared her workout secrets with Us Weekly, saying. “I think you have to change it up so you don’t get bored,” she said of maintaining her killer bod. “My friend the other day was like, ‘I just got this Groupon for paddle boarding! So we’re going to go do that. It’s a really good workout and I’m a water person.”

“I’ve done surfing, I’ve done Pilates, I’ve done dance, so honestly, [my workout] is just a little mishmash of everything,” Greene added.

Here are some pics of Ashley Greene’s bikini-clad beach outing. For more, head over to Daily Mail. What do you think? I think that if she had instead smiled for more of these photos, maybe she wouldn’t have been mistaken for Stewart (who is still in media exile as of this post).

Greene on Malibu beach

Greene and mystery man on Malibu beach