June 29, 2017
One Direction's Twitter Glitches As Votes Needed By 1D Fans

One Direction has been enjoying their hiatus, but they still need the support of their fans to win one final round of awards for 2016. Sadly, at the same time that they were sending out requests for fans to vote for One Direction for the Webbys, their social media was having major malfunctions.

Also happening at the same time, One Direction's Made In the A.M. was officially certified as platinum, according to Sugarscape. This means that One Direction is taking the record for selling over four million copies of the album in America.

Selling four million albums might mean that One Direction are popular, but one of their recent tweets asks fans to vote for them... again. On April 21, there was a direct request to vote for One Direction on Twitter from their account for the 2016 Webby Award for Made In the A.M.

Coincidentally, there were many One Direction fans tweeting on April 21 that they were unable to view One Direction's Twitter account. For example, a fan tweeted "One Direction's official account is showing to many users as [non]existent."

One Direction gets awards while on vacation.
One Direction continues to get nominated for awards in 2016 despite being on vacation. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Soon after, it was declared that it was just a glitch, and fans were relieved that One Direction had not disabled their Twitter account. One fan tweeted "Update: The official One Direction account seems to be experiencing a glitch, as it is still able to be viewed by certain fans!"

In the meantime, One Direction-related "Larry Stylinson" rumors have been reignited, thanks to Vox. On April 14, they wrote an opinion piece trying to explain to the world that there is little fact-based evidence that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have a secret romantic relationship.

One of the main focuses was not disputing the "Larry Stylinson" conspiracy theories to the fullest – instead talking about how tattoos were a significant part of this One Direction lore.

Along with getting votes from fans at events like the Webbys and possibly dispelling Larry rumors, one other big goal of One Direction during their hiatus continues to be charity work.

Recently, Billboard wrote that One Direction was honored to be a part of the top 10 Sunday Times Giving List for 2016 for their continued generosity.

About Niall Horan's charity work, he intends to participate in a celebrity golfing event for charity and also has organized a separate celebrity golfing charity event for May.

Both of Niall Horan's golfing events will continue One Direction's work with donating money to cancer charities, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. It was also reported by PGA that Niall Horan is working on his first solo music outside of One Direction in order to donate it to charity.

According to the Bristol Post, Louis Tomlinson is supporting kids cancer treatment but is now also supporting a charity called A Sibling's Wish. In addition, Louis Tomlinson is also signing up for UNICEF's Soccer Aid event, as reported by The Sun on April 11.

Despite the fact that One Direction might be fully immersed in vacationing and doing charity work, their fans are still making it their duty to vote for them in things like the 2016 Webby Awards. This is especially true since One Direction fans lost to Justin Bieber fans in the iHeart Music Awards in early April, according to Metro.

For fans hoping that One Direction will win an award and possibly perform one last time during their 2016 vacation, the Billboard Awards could be a possibility. According to Billboard, One Direction is up for two awards during their May 22 ceremony in Las Vegas.

One Direction fans were sad they lost to Justin Bieber for the iHeart Awards 2016
One Direction fans were upset about the outcome of the iHeart Radio Awards in April 2016. (Jesse Grant/Stringer/Getty Images)

Award nominations for One Direction include "Top Group" and "Top Touring Artist." What is not confirmed is whether or not any musical group or solo act will be doing a surprise appearance at the Billboard Awards.

Unfortunately, for One Direction fans deeply invested in rivalry with Beliebers, the 2016 Billboard Awards may be hard to watch. In particular, One Direction's two nominations pale in comparison to Justin Bieber's whopping 12 nominations in 11 categories.

[Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]