Gwen Stefani: Her Signature Style And What Blake Thinks Of It

Gwen Stefani’s style is definitely one of a kind. The chic fashionista is always sure to step out with fun hairstyles that involve everything from sleek and funky braids to glamorous blowouts. While acting as a co-judge on the hit reality talent show The Voice, Stefani keeps her audience guessing as to what look she’ll throw together for each episode.

The star’s hairstylist tells all to People about Stefani’s signature style and shares how there is a freedom to styling Gwen’s hair because there are “no boundaries.”

“Gwen wears it, it doesn’t wear her. It’s just different. There are no boundaries about it, there’s no rules, and there definitely aren’t any with Gwen. It’s a matter of how to make it really cool, and I think it’s chic — she’s always going to have an elegance to her.”

Gwen’s most recent appearance on The Voice saw the star with one of the most outrageous styles yet, involving braids and cornrows. Danilo, Stefani’s stylist of 20 years, elaborated on the process to get the style right, noting that it took three tries.

“Gwen was like, ‘I want to do a cornrow look. We already knew we wanted to do this look that we had developed so we turned it into cornrows.”

Danilo went on to describe how he created five tight braids that went in different directions, and one formed a faux-hawk that twisted into a top knot. Two more braids were woven around her face. It’s definitely a look that continues Gwen’s reputation as a trendsetter and boundary-pusher. Danilo shared about the way Stefani received his suggestion to attempt the style on her.

“When I introduced this concept [of the braids placed in front of the ears] to Gwen, she really liked it, and we’ve played with it in several ways, and it’s interestingly flattering. Bringing that ponytail-pigtail-braid situation to the front of the ear, it almost becomes ornamentation.”

All of Stefani’s intriguing looks are clearly well-received by fans and her audience, but what does Gwen’s boyfriend Blake Shelton think about the star’s signature look? Danilo relays that Shelton loves Gwen’s style. One hairstyle that the country star likes best includes the dyed-tip look.

“He likes her black-tipped bob. I think as any couple, they’re supportive of who each other are. They get together and strengthen one another with complements.”

The couple has been going strong since mid-last year, and rumors continue to circulate that they are getting serious. Engagement stories and even reports about Blake and Gwen having a little one of their own are a hot topic in the tabloids. However, neither of the musical pair has verified any of the rumors.

Gwen had experienced a challenging 2015 as she navigated through the split and divorce proceedings from husband of 13 years Gavin Rossdale. The exes finally reached the agreement and settlement in court. Likely due to his role in bringing the end to their marriage, Gavin did not put up a fight during the settlement. Lainey Gossip shares what agreement was reached.

“As reported a few weeks ago, even though there was no prenup in place, Gavin agreed to less than 50%. Gwen’s keeping the money she made during their marriage. And this is significant because he basically hasn’t mattered for 15 years while she went on to a successful solo career, launch a brand, and a network television paycheque. She’s also keeping their homes in LA while he’s getting their four properties in Europe. And they’re sharing custody of their children.”

Gwen has since gone on throughout the year and on into 2016 to make strides, dropping a new album, igniting a romance, and making recurring appearances on a hit show.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for LinkedIn]