Ted Cruz’s Female Doppelganger Says She’s Never Heard Of Ted Cruz [Video]

The Ted Cruz doppelganger who “broke the internet” this week says she had never heard of the Texas senator and presidential hopeful until her alleged resemblance to him went viral on social media.

The only candidate she’s heard of before is…wait for it…Donald Trump.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, the picture of this particular Ted Cruz doppelganger was first spotted on a promo for the Maury Povich show and was posted on Reddit in the Donald Trump fans subreddit. The image subsequently ran wild on Twitter.

“She went on Maury to settle a paternity dispute with her fiancé, Freddie, who, the tests proved, is in fact [her son’s] daddy,” Salon explained about the Ted Cruz lookalike.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ted Cruz had a twin sister? What would she look like?,” New York magazine inquired in response to the viral photo.

The woman, identified by the Daily Mail as Searcy Hayes, 21, of Natchez, Mississippi, did a good-natured follow-up video with Povich that was posted to his Facebook page in which she, among other things, emphatically denied being Ted Cruz’s sister. See clip embedded below.


Not only did she admit unfamiliarity with Cruz in the five-minute footage, Searcy Hayes added that she’s unacquainted with Democrats and Republicans, and has no plans to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

As Maury (and who knew his syndicated TV show was still on the air) held up a side-by-side photo of both of them, the woman also rejected any possibility that she is related to Ted Cruz or that she bears any resemblance to him.

“Look at that, Maury. The eyes are different. He has got a bigger nose than me. Look at the chin. Nothing on there looks the same…nothing on that picture makes me look like him.”


Prompted by a question from Maury, Searcy Hayes added that to the best of her knowledge, she has no Cuban heritage, unlike Ted Cruz.

The major takeaway, however, from the Facebook clip is that she expressed a willingness to take a DNA test to prove or disprove any family connection with Senator Ted Cruz.

For whatever reason, the internet seems to have a fascination with Ted Cruz doppelgangers or semi-doppelgangers, which supposedly include Kevin Malone from The Office, Grandpa Munster, Mrs. Doubtfire, the Zodiac Killer, and college basketball player Grayson Allen.

The Atlantic attempted to explain this phenomenon/obsession about Cruz clones.

“To understand why Cruz, specifically, has captivated people this way, it helps to consider the broader role of the doppelgänger in popular culture. The idea of a person’s double—and the extent to which it’s perceived as a signal of something ominous—appears in myths and folklore throughout much of human history. In many of these stories, the doppelgänger is bad news because it so handily disrupts deeply held human values like self-identity and personal agency. Usually, a person’s own doppelgänger is most disturbing, but the existence of two or seven or three-dozen lookalike Ted Cruzes running around serves to raise questions about actual Ted Cruz. Namely, who is this guy, really?”

In her sit-down with Maury, Searcy Hayes was noncommittal about the opportunity to visit Ted Cruz at the White House if he gets there after the November 2016 election.

Unless the trajectory of the primaries change drastically, however, or if there is some parliamentary shenanigans at the upcoming RNC nominating convention in Cleveland, she probably won’t have to make that decision. Donald Trump currently leads the GOP field with 845 delegates to Ted Cruz’s 559, as the campaign moves into several perceived Trump-friendly states. A total of 1,237 delegates are required for the formal nomination for president on the GOP ticket.

[Photo by Patrick Semansky/AP]