Britney Spears Bizarre Video: Singer Breaks Down Over Cheese

Not everyone understands Britney Spears’ Instagram. There seems to be some concern for the singer shortly after she posted a strange video on the social media app.

Britney Spears had a hilarious breakdown over her dog stealing her cheese. She shared this rather strange but funny video of herself fake crying because her dog ate her cheese. The clip features Spears, 34, and her sons Sean Preston and Jaden James who are lying in bed with their mother. She captioned the video, “When your damn dog eats all the cheese,” with a crying emoji.

“I’m so sad. You ate all the cheese,” the queen of pop says to their family dog.

“Hannah took my cheese,” Preston said while pointing over to the dog, who’s perched at the foot of their bed.

“The dog ate my cheese? It’s not fair,” Spears said as she tried to hold back laughter.

Check out Britney Spears’ bizarre video for yourself below.

Don’t worry, Britney Spears is fine y’all. She was clearly joking when she posted the funny clip earlier this week. Spears is clearly the type of mom who loves to embarrass her kids on a regular basis.

Hours before, the singer shared a couple of clips on Instagram on Wednesday, April 20, of herself lip-syncing along to Michael Jackson in the car as her sons don’t look too pleased in the backseat. They were so embarrassed by Britney’s antics that they told their famous mom to “stop it!”

“At it again… Having more fun than my kids,” Spears captioned one of the videos.

People who follow Britney Spears on Instagram is well aware that she always posts wacky videos and photos. Ms. Spears doesn’t care if her selfies are not edited out with filters or a little Photoshop. When she’s not posting her perfectly imperfect selfies, she’s often sharing inspirational quotes, funny memes, or photos of her sons.

It’s clear that she’s much happier these days and she doesn’t care what her 9.3 million followers think. Britney has also been in a better state of mind thanks to her ongoing residence in Las Vegas, according to recent reports. The 34-year-old has revamped her even sexier Piece of Me Las Vegas residency by wearing skin-baring costumes and working on her dance moves.

An alleged insider told Britain’s Heat magazine that the reason why Spears is doing much better these days is because of her life coach.

“Britney’s been gradually getting better for years, and being in Vegas is a big help for her state of mind. You can see the difference in how she was in those first shows in 2013 to now. But it’s her new life coach – who she calls her ‘swagger coach’ – that’s helping her take things to the next level. She won’t tell anyone what they do or who he is, but it’s working. She’s more confident than she’s been in forever.”

This new form of therapy has also helped her feel better in her own skin and enjoy the single life. In 2015, Spears split from boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, whom she dated shortly after ex-boyfriend David Lucado. Spears was also engaged to former manager Jason Trawick.

In the meantime, Britney has been gearing up for her new album. She’s reportedly set to drop her new single “Make Me (Oooh)” from her ninth studio album on May 16. Although Britney’s dad Jamie is still her conservator and in charge of her finances, she feels better these days.

“Jamie’s still in charge, but Brit’s at the point where she’s accepted this is the way things have to be for now and that it’s helped her get to this point. She feels better than she has in years and thinks the only way is up from here.”

She’s also been featured on this week’s OK! Magazine cover story, in which she supposedly shares her struggles and diet secrets. Spears went through a meltdown in 2007 that happened shortly after her divorce from the father of her children Kevin Federline. She has since turned her life around and made a huge pop comeback.

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[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]