Hillary Clinton Lapses Into Another Coughing Fit [Video]

The latest Hillary Clinton coughing fit has again increased speculation about her health as the November 2016 election draws closer.

On Monday, the Democrat presidential front-runner started coughing during a radio interview on The Breakfast Club on hip-hop FM station Power 105.1, WWPR in New York City.

This is apparently the same interview in which Clinton claimed she always carries a bottle of hot sauce with her, which Twitter denounced as a form of pandering for votes.

In the clip embedded below, the candidate told her interviewers that her cough was because it was a allergy season.

While she was gasping for breath, one of the panelists jokingly asked her if she needed some mouth to mouth, while “Host Charlamagne the God said Clinton’s cough sounded like she had been smoking medical marijuana,” the Washington Free Beacon explained. “‘Yeah, I need some,’ Clinton said and laughed into her water cup.”

Hillary Clinton has experienced several episodes of this nature. Last month, for example, while campaigning in Ohio prior to that state’s primary, she had a coughing fit mid-speech.

Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit on March 6, during the nationally televised debate against her rival for the nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders, in Flint, Michigan.

The former Secretary of State was consumed by coughing for about three minutes during a speech in Harlem, New York, in mid February.

She suffered through a similar coughing attack on January 25, during a speech in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus.

“Clinton had a similar moment during her lengthy Benghazi Select Committee testimony in October, briefly halting the proceeding when she began coughing almost uncontrollably and needed a cough drop,” the Washington Free Beacon separately recalled following the Iowa incident.

In July 2015, the Clinton campaign released general medical information pronouncing the candidate sufficiently healthy to serve as president, and that also indicated that she is taking medicine for an underactive thyroid as well as another prescription for blood clots following a concussion suffered in December 2012.

Matt Drudge, the proprietor of the high-leverage and Trump-friendly Drudge Report, previously claimed that the news media is covering up the fact that Hillary Clinton is suffering from “flaring” hypthyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease, although coughing is not included in the list of symptoms.

Writing for the liberal website Salon, feminist contrarian Camille Paglia, a college professor and author who is voting for Bernie Sanders in next Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Primary, wondered about Hillary Clinton’s persistent cough and a possible media-enabled coverup as to the status of her health.

“The protective major media phalanx around Hillary certainly extends to her health issues, which only the Drudge Report has had the courage to flag. In assessing possible future occupants of the White House, the public has an inalienable right to know…

“…I’m just a Ph.D., not an M.D., but I’ll put my Miss Marple hat on here. Am I the only one who noticed Hillary’s high-wrap collar, pallid, puffy face, and bulging eyes during her choleric New Hampshire primary concession speech in February? (Another unusually high collar followed the next morning.) My tentative theory is that Hillary may have sporadic flare-ups of goiter, worsened under stress. Coughing is a symptom. High collars mask a swollen throat. In serious cases, an operation may be necessary. Is this chronic thyroid condition disqualifying in a presidential candidate? Certainly not in my view, but I don’t like being lied to—by candidates, campaign staffs, or their media sycophants.”

Paglia is also unimpressed with the clean bill of health issued to the presidential hopeful last July.

“Does anyone really think that world-renowned Hillary, whose main residence for years has been in Washington and not Chappaqua, has as her primary physician an obscure young internist in Mount Kisco, New York? It’s ludicrous on the face of it.”

Although there has been no public corroboration, author and Clinton foe Ed Klein claims that Hillary Clinton “has been ‘frequently plagued’ by ‘blinding headaches’ and a series of strokes over the course of the campaign, which have left her second-guessing her chances of winning in 2016,” the New York Post reported in September 2015. Klein’s book, Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary, also claims that Hillary Clinton suffers from insomnia, exhaustion, and depression.

Without being specific, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has previously criticized Hillary Clinton for her alleged lack of stamina.

As far as the hot sauce scenario, liberal website The Atlantic acknowledged that Hillary Clinton’s comments “looked to all the world like a textbook attempt at pandering,” but also claimed that “her love of hot sauce has been on the record for decades.”

Against the backdrop of these repeated coughing events, do you think that Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to served as president of the United States?

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP]

Added: Campaigning in Bridgeport, Connecticut, yesterday, Hillary Clinton started coughing again.