Harry Hamlin Says Lisa Misconstrued His Comments About Yolanda: Rinna Changed It To Fit 'RHOBH' Munchausen's Storyline?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna made the claim that her husband, Harry Hamlin, heard Lisa Vanderpump make a shocking claim a few months ago about Yolanda Hadid's health. According to Rinna, at her birthday party, Vanderpump and her husband, Ken, were shocked at Yolanda's appearance. They made a few comments about how she didn't look well.

Yolanda showed up to Rinna's birthday party without any makeup and in clothing that appeared to be lounging clothing. It was a far cry from how they previously saw Yolanda Hadid. Rinna's story was that Hamlin made the statement that instead of talking about whether she was sick or not, they should be supporting her.

Harry spoke to E! News and cleared up what he (actually) said at his wife's party. His story is now that Lisa misquoted him and that he was not part of the whole Munchausen's syndrome debacle.

"Well, what I actually said was 'We really need to support her.' I never said 'whether she's sick or not. That was, I think in the second time Lisa mentioned it, she said it that way. Also, I said to Lisa, 'You know I don't think I said it that way.' And she goes, 'Oh right, well…'"
Harry explained that he wasn't discrediting what Hadid was going through, at the time, because it was evident to everyone around her that she needed the support of those who loved and cared about her.
"Obviously, Yolanda needs. Whatever she's going through, it's taking a toll on her and it's very challenging for her."
Hamlin explained that the reunion show is a very extremely stressful experience, and doesn't allow you time to think about what you are saying, and how your thoughts or accusations may affect those around you.
"The reunion is like a freight train that just keeps slamming right through, going through barricade after barricade. So, it's just an onslaught."
Reality Tea reported that Hamlin believes that his wife didn't intentionally misquote him, but couldn't be 100 percent sure of that fact. Harry said the only difference between RHOBH and a nighttime soap opera, is the blood isn't fake on the Bravo shows. It seems like he was implying the drama was fake, doesn't it?
As for how Hamlin feels about Lisa Vanderpump after she battled most of the season with his wife, Lisa Rinna, Harry stated there are no hard feelings. Harry indicated that Vanderpump is a funny person, and he enjoys the little interaction he's had with her.

Lisa Rinna appeared to remember her conversations with Lisa Vanderpump incorrectly and misquoted her husband. Is it possible that she knew what Harry's exact comment was, and she twisted it to bring more validity to the Munchausen's syndrome debate? Could the rumors be true, and Rinna knew months before filming RHOBH that her storyline was going to be the Munchausen's debate?

RHOBH fans, do you think Harry Hamlin is telling the truth about his comments about Yolanda Hadid health? Do you think that Lisa Vanderpump ever stated: "there goes our f**king storyline?"
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