'Destiny' Iron Banner Clashes Next Week With New Loot Changes

The first Iron Banner event in Destiny following the April 2.2 update will drop on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles next week. Bungie announced the details Thursday for the multiplayer showdown and revealed some welcome changes to loot rewards in the process. One also can't help notice the Captain America: Civil War homage with the image above.

The next Destiny Iron Banner event will kick off Tuesday, April 26, at approximately. 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT and feature Clash as the game mode. As per usual, it will run over the course of the week until the next weekly reset on the following Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET/2 a.m. PT.

The event received some important changes with the Destiny April update, not the least of which was an improvement on how loot is doled out at the end of matches. Iron Banner gear will have the chance to be rewarded at the end of every match no matter your rank. Previously, players were only rewarded with gear once they reached Rank 2. However, most of the time spent playing Iron Banner was at Rank 1 because of the way the Tempered Buff works.

Destiny Iron Banner (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]Interestingly, Bungie also discovered a bug that was preventing players from receiving rewards as they were supposed to. Destiny players have often complained about the lack of rewards with Iron Banner, so this may be part of the cause.

These fixes combined with the complete removal of Legendary gear from Iron Banner should see the event-specific items drop like rain for players, if they work as intended. This is not the first time Bungie has announced a bug fix for loot drops.

Meanwhile, the packages that drop an Artifact at Rank 3 and a Ghost at Rank 5 have both been upgraded to drop Light level 320 items. All other Iron Banner gear can drop up to Light level 335, which could provide a quick path to maxing out characters for dedicated Destiny players.

So what gear will Lord Saladin offer in this Iron Banner? The Rocket Launcher Tormod's Bellows will be offered along with Haakon's Hatchet Auto Rifle on the weapon side. Armor will feature Boots and Class items for all three sub-classes on both the PlayStation and Xbox. Additionally, the PlayStation-exclusive Class Items will also be possible items to receive.

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Here are the Iron Banner specific patch notes.

  • Lord Saladin's inventory has been updated with items at Ranks 3-5, some with re-rolled perks
  • Rank package rewards have been adjusted
  • Increased Rank 3 package Artifact to 320 Light
  • Increased Rank 5 package Ghost to 320 Light
  • Rank 5 packages can now reward items from the current event
  • Iron Banner Armor and Weapons can now be earned at Rank 0 at the end-of-activity
  • Removed Legendary Engrams from the possible end-of-activity rewards list, creating a greater chance to receive Iron Banner specific items
  • "Iron Domination" daily bounty now requires completing a match with a personal score of 1500 instead of winning a match with 2500
  • "Iron Versatility" bounty now only requires 7 Heavy Weapon kills to complete
  • Fixed an issue where players below Rank 5 could roll a reward they were ineligible for, resulting in no reward being given
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Banner ship was missing a part of its frame
Bungie also provided some interesting information about how the first Challenge of the Elders went in Destiny last week. The highest score earned was 79,570 by the team of EPICOOKIEZ, Eavr, and streamer Sc Slayerage. They beat the second place team of Ivelious596, Warmachinepro85, and MrDay10 by nearly 16,000 points.

What do you think of the updates to the Iron Banner loot system in Destiny? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Bungie]