Man Gets Mugged, 7-Eleven Employees Leave Him In The Street Till He Gets Run Over [Graphic Video]

A 32-year-old Chicago man named Marques Gaines was assaulted, robbed, then left unconscious in the middle of the street by bystanders until a cab driver ran over him, killing him.

You can see the graphic footage in the video at the top of the page, showing Marques Gaines being violently knocked unconscious after leaving a 7-Eleven. His body drops to the crosswalk unconscious, allowing the mugger to steal his belongings and run off. A 7-Eleven employee witnessed the entire scene, calling 911 to report the crime as he saw it happen. However, all of the employees, including a security guard, failed to move Marques Gaines out of the street. As a result, a cab driver turned the corner and ran over his unconscious body. He later died at the hospital.

Marques Gaines. (Photo via Facebook)

According to the Chicago Tribune, the family of Marques Gaines initially wanted to sue the cab driver who killed him but then decided to file a lawsuit against 7-Eleven for failing to intervene. The video shows the bystanders surrounding Gaines’ body, but then walking away, leaving him vulnerable in the busy street. The victim’s family claims any single person could have easily saved his life by moving him only a few feet. As many as 10 passersby, including employees of 7-Eleven, saw Marques Gaines knocked out but did nothing to help him.

“We as people, as humans, we should care for one another,” said Marques’ cousin, Drexina Nelson. “Who leaves a person in the street for that long? That’s devastating to me — the fact that he could have been saved. He could still be here with us.”

The family’s lawyer, Chris Hurley, says that the owner of the 7-Eleven knew the crime rate was high in that area of the city, so the store should have been a well-equipped security guard who knew how to save Marques Gaines’ life.

“The security guard they had on duty, you can see in the video, is doing absolutely nothing to dissipate the situation or help Marques even after he’s been hit. He’s remarkably unqualified for the job that he’s in. And he’s been placed there by a corporation who can afford somebody’s who’s properly trained.”

What’s worse is the fact that the man who robbed and assaulted Marques Gaines was caught on camera committing the entire crime, but he still has not been arrested or identified. While the 7-Eleven employees could have prevented the car accident, it never would have happened if Gaines had never been attacked.

“There’s a clear photograph of the aggressor and a clear video of him attacking Marques Gaines. He hasn’t been arrested, and we don’t know why,” said Chris Hurley.

In the meantime, Marques’ relatives have been coping with their loss and trying to make someone pay for the tragic death. During their pursuit of justice, Drexina Nelson and her mother, Phyllis, decided they needed to see the security footage for themselves.

“It was gut-wrenching,” said Nelson. “We had heard over the course of these past few three months what happened, but to actually see it with our own eyes was devastating… for him to die where no one cared for him, when he did nothing but care for everyone, it’s just a tragedy.”

(Photo via Facebook)

According to DNA Info, the family is planning to release a children’s book in honor of the memory of Marques Gaines. The book will be called Magical Marques and will be about his life and how he affected the people who loved him. Drexina says her cousin was an avid writer, so a book seemed like the appropriate way to celebrate his life. His friends will also be collecting his short stories and attempting to publish them.

Do you think you would have stepped in to help Marques Gaines if you witnessed the attack?

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