LeeAnne Locken Slams ‘RHOD’ Co-Stars: Ousted From ‘Adult Only’ Afterparty

LeeAnne Locken is the charity woman of Dallas, and she attends several charity events every week. Locken may be going above and beyond when it comes to her charity work, and she seems to love the feeling she gets when she does this kind of work. However, her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars seem to think she may be doing it all wrong, as she’s getting people to spend money on parties, drinks, and food — and not on the charities. This is something that Brandi Redmond had brought up. In addition, Redmond was caught mimicking Locken, saying and doing things that LeeAnne would do at charity events.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken is now revealing that she did appreciate Stephanie’s email to her, apologizing for everything that went down during the first episode of the show. LeeAnne may have felt a little upset about everything that had happened, especially when it comes to Brandi’s comments. Brandi claimed that things were only said and done for fun, but Locken was clearly hurt and upset by the mimicking. Stephanie didn’t want to be caught in the middle and decided to write an email to apologize.

“When Stephanie Hollman sent me her apology email I felt like I was dealing with an adult. Someone who sees a problem and approaches it head on. I both appreciate and am grateful for those kinds of interactions. I did feel Brandi Redmond owed me an apology. To begin any conversation with ‘You are selfish for sharing your story of being molested as a child’ is just flat out mercilessness! I can’t imagine approaching a ‘victim’ of any tragedy and telling them they are selfish!!” LeeAnne Locken revealed about her co-star.

Locken explained during the episode that people benefit from hearing her story, so she decides to share it when she’s doing relevant charity events. She didn’t appreciate people telling her to not share her story, especially since it helps people. Of course, LeeAnne is very protective of her reputation, as she has worked very hard to get to the level she’s at now. As she has revealed on the show, Locken doesn’t make money. She doesn’t get anything out of helping out with these charities, but she loves to help out whenever possible.

So when Brandi showed up to a charity event with a hat that had been glued together with poop on it, LeeAnne Locken wasn’t too happy about it. And she’s now revealing that she didn’t actually invite the ladies to the afterparty. Locken just wanted to hang out with people who are serious about the charities they work with. Brandi and Stephanie claim they work with charities and donate money, but LeeAnne doesn’t quite feel they are on the same level as her.

“When Tiffany told me that Brandi showed up with ‘crap’ on her hat, sadly I wasn’t shocked! Brandi, while she loves to claim that I CRAVE attention, is actually seeking attention with this hat! She is like the child who miss behaves simply to get attention. GROW UP!! This event is for children unless they are well behaved and have manners! It’s why you rarely see them there,” LeeAnne Locken reveals on her blog, adding that none of the ladies — other than Tiffany Hendra — was invited to the afterparty. “Oh, and none of ‘that crew’ were invited to annual ‘after party’ either. Again, it’s an ADULT ONLY private party. Tiffany and I had even more fun there!!”

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken slamming her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars’ behavior? Do you think these girls will get along this season?

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