Prince’s Funeral, Family Threatened By Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Purple Rain’ Music Artist’s Cause Of Death Investigated

Prince’s funeral is already under threat of picketing before the ink off the presses has started to dry. The news of music artist Prince’s death came as quite the shock to the music-loving world this afternoon, when it was announced that Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. Prince’s cause of death is still unknown at this time although authorities and many reporters are intensely investigating this very question.

Prince’s family has yet to officially discuss the tragic passing of the musician, although perhaps this is not too surprising since Prince’s wife, Manuela Testolini, divorced the singer back in 2006. Reports indicate that Prince’s family is beginning to gather in Minnesota in order to investigate what happened to their deceased family member and to plan Prince’s funeral.

Unfortunately, notorious hate group the Westboro Baptist Church has already announced plans to target Prince Rogers Nelson’s funeral.

With almost gleeful passion, they declared, “That was quick! Westboro Baptist Church announces plans to picket Prince’s funeral. #ourduty!”

This is not surprising; any time a major celebrity dies, the WBC usually will declare their intention to picket within minutes. For example, when David Bowie’s death was announced, it was less than an hour before the WBC was declaring their intentions despite the lack of any details regarding the Bowie family’s funeral plans.


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The WBC seek glory at the expense of the world’s grief and will often attack everyone associated with the dead person, including their family members. When Robin Williams died, the hate group even declared that the comedian was burning in hell. While they have not yet said anything so hateful about Prince, they have begun to tweet out messages criticizing Prince’s life and history.

The WBC also targeted TMZ since they were the first news outlet to report on Prince’s death.

“Prince is dead. Young. He had an incredible voice. Did he use it to glorify God and warn of hell? Will you use his death for that, or sin TMZ?” the Westboro Baptist Church asked on Twitter.

Prince funeral Westboro Baptist Church

Prince’s Cause Of Death Investigated

At this time, very little is known about the plans for Prince’s funeral. According to Radar Online, a “family source revealed that family members were flying in from across the country to help each other mourn and to plan the ‘Purple Rain’ singer’s services.” Prince’s cause of death has yet to be announced and when Chanhassen, Minnesota authorities arrived at Prince’s Paisley Park estate they were investigating the death of a “middle-aged man.”

Before his untimely death, Prince’s health was in doubt after he suffered a medical emergency back on April 15, 2016. According to Fox News, the health crisis forced Prince’s jet to make an emergency landing in Illinois, but his representatives claimed he was merely battling the flu. Regardless, Prince was forced to cancel two more concerts due to the health concerns.

Prince funeral

At this time, nothing official has been announced regarding Prince’s funeral. When Prince’s family makes the announcement, the Inquisitr will be certain to update this article with the time, date, and location.

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