WWE News: Update On When John Cena Is Set To Return Full Time To WWE

WWE Superstar John Cena missed the last part of 2015 due to a commitment he had with a reality show called American Grit, which just so happens to be going on right now on the FOX Network each week. The show has been met with bad ratings, despite the fact that Cena has been in the press hyping it up. While Cena missed this time, we all knew he would be back by the first of this year and be a major player going into WrestleMania season.

Sadly, he went down with a shoulder injury. This made him the 9th person injured in less than a year, and the 5th person to go down to a shoulder injury in that time. Clearly, it was a bad circumstance for the WWE to lose so many people, especially their biggest star in John Cena. Cena did end up making an appearance to help The Rock at WrestleMania 32, leading to some speculation that he was back.

However, Cena has not appeared on WWE programming since then. He still needed around three to four months of rehabilitation and healing to get back to normal. This sort of worked out due to the press he had to be involved in. Plus, he can help Nikki Bella, his girlfriend, with all she has to do to recover from her neck injury. Many have been wondering however, when will John Cena return to the ring full-time?

Rock Cena [Image via WWE]According to Ringside News, it appears he could be back as soon as next month. However, most speculate a full time in-ring return may not occur until July. It truly all depends on how Cena heals up. Prognosis claims he could be out until July. However, Cena has healed quickly before and has been able to do a lot since even the two week mark. He very well could rush back to take part in the WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

While that is not confirmed by any means, the good news is that John Cena will be back at some point within the next three months. The real thing WWE has to consider is what he’ll do the moment he returns. There is no need to rush him back without a storyline plan for him in place. The rumor for some time now has been for John Cena to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE SummerSlam, which means he’ll need to come back at least in time for that. This is why the July mark for his return is becoming more popular among some.

The issue is that WWE needs to have John Cena back due to ratings slipping. If nothing more, he could simply show up and do promos and eventually work a match. So, if he can come back in May and have a limited role, it would be best for the WWE simply due to need.

Cena WM29 [Image via WWE]For the most part, WWE has suffered in ratings really due to two factors: lack of stars and Roman Reigns being champion. People want to see stars and many are tuning out because they don’t want to see Reigns as WWE World Champion.

This very well could change with John Cena in the picture, but it would hurt the build of Roman Reigns in the process. The two will lock up at a big event, but Cena very well could still very well help in turning Reigns if WWE wants to go that route. This would need to be done before SummerSlam anyway. There’s always an angle that can be worked out of it. Regardless of when he comes back, it does seem quite obvious that he will be used in a big way upon his return. Now it is just a waiting game to see the 15-time World Champion.

[Image via WWE]