Courteney Cox To Guest Star On ‘Odd Couple’ If Matthew Perry Has His Way, But Co-Star Thomas Lennon Disagrees

Courteney Cox sure knows how to make the hearts of her fans melt. The Friends star gave her ex-fiancé Johnny McDaid a passionate farewell on Wednesday as she was heading to Heathrow Airport, according to the Daily Mail.

As seen from the photos, Courteney Cox kissed and hugged her 39-year-old ex-fiancé as the couple bid adieu outside London’s Heathrow Airport’s terminal. It looked as if the 51-year-old actress and her beau didn’t pay any attention to what’s happening around them, as they had a sweet talk, kissed, and hugged each other.

Courteney Cox and McDaid spend a week together after their sweet reunion at Heathrow Airport last week. Back then, the two shared a passionate kiss and hugged before leaving the airport hand in hand.

Courteney Cox and McDaid canceled their wedding and announced their split last year. But according to reports, the two reunited in March. Numerous reports claim that Cox and the Snow Patrol musician broke up because McDaid wanted to move to his native Northern Ireland to live with the Cougar Town actress there.

Courteney Cox and her ex-fiancé met back in 2013 and had been engaged for 18 months. Cox is currently based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her 11-year-old daughter, Coco, from her previous marriage to fellow actor David Arquette. Cox and Arquette were married for more than 14 years.

Courteney Cox is currently promoting her upcoming movie Mothers and Daughters, in which she stars alongside Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci, and Selma Blair. The drama hits theaters on May 6.

In March, Courteney Cox and McDaid reunited while having lunch in Malibu. It looks like the two care about each other and they like spending time together, as told by Cox’s rep, according to People.

Even though Courteney Cox and McDaid called off their wedding in December last year, in April 2015, Cox still had feelings for her ex-fiancé. In her April interview with People, Cox had a few kind words to say about the Snow Patrol musician.

“When I knew that this was just who he is, that he was just a beautiful, sensitive, loving person with a wonderful family, with a beautiful set of friends. Then I was like, ‘This is for real!'”

Courteney Cox could get even busier with her TV acting career, as her former Friends co-star Matthew Perry has invited the actress to make a cameo in his sitcom The Odd Couple, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

Perry wants to get Courteney Cox, who he worked with for 10 years on NBC’s Friends, into his sitcom for a cameo in the next season. However, it seems that his Odd Couple co-creator Thomas Lennon doesn’t want to see Cox in the series as much as Perry does.

@MatthewPerry Ey matthew it would be amazing if you invite @CourteneyCox to The Odd Couple show. just for old times'

— BrianDapper (@Briandapper) April 21, 2016

When asked during Facebook’s Q&A session if he would like to get Courteney Cox on the show, Perry, who is co-creator of the show along with Lennon, was quick to say that he would love to see her on the show. Lennon, however, said he disagreed with Perry.

Courteney Cox is not the only person Perry wants to get on his show, as he is also considering inviting such stars as Michel Keaton and Woody Allen to make a cameo appearance on The Odd Couple. But the thing is, he doesn’t think they will ever agree to do it, Perry revealed.

If Courteney Cox and Perry indeed reunite on The Odd Couple, it wouldn’t be their first show to co-star in since the last episode of Friends in May 2004. Perry made a cameo appearance on Cox’s Cougar Town, while the actress appeared in Perry’s sitcom Go On.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]