NFL Rumors: ‘Everything’s Right There’ For Colin Kaepernick To Join The Denver Broncos

Colin Kaepernick NFL rumors

Despite terming a trade for San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick as “dormant” yesterday, John Elway spurred even more NFL rumors that a trade could still happen for the signal caller, multiple media outlets reported Friday.

John Elway, the Denver Broncos’ general manager, held a press conference to explain his team’s position going into the draft later this month, the NFL website reported. While the executive said that there was no movement on the Colin Kaepernick trade front, the former quarterback also explained that the offer hadn’t been rescinded either.

“Everything’s right there,” John Elway said in regard to if terms for a deal were still in place. While confirming his admiration for current chart-topping quarterback Mark Sanchez, John Elway confirmed he wanted another player to come in and challenge the former Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback for playing time.

“We’re going to have someone compete with Mark and he’s one of the possibilities. We’re happy with Mark. Mark’s excited about being here. We’re excited about having him.”

What’s also interfering with a possible trade for the San Francisco 49ers is Brian Hoyer. The former Houston Texans quarterback met with the Denver Broncos earlier this week, meetings that spurred NFL rumors that Colin Kaepernick was no longer the signal caller John Elway wanted for his team.

Brian Hoyer, who also took a physical during his time in Denver, could give Mark Sanchez the competition that John Elway desires for his Broncos. “We had a good visit, but he’s got another trip lined up,” John Elway said. “It’s a possibility. He’s a good football player. We wanted to have him in, meet him and get to know him a little bit. But nothing to report there.”

Uncertainty about what future holds for Colin Kaepernick was also coming out of the San Francisco 49ers’ headquarters this week as general manager Trent Baalke hasn’t ruled out a trade for Colin Kaepernick. In the same article, the executive continued to maintain he would like to have the quarterback play in new head coach Chip Kelly’s offense, ESPN reported.

“I’ve maintained from day one, as has the head coach, would love to get him out there and work within this system with this coaching staff. That’s not changed. I said that in February, and here we are today still saying the same things.”

Whether Colin Kaepernick plays one day for the 49ers this season or not, the quarterback has been a participant in Chip Kelly’s offseason program, the Sacramento Bee reported. Kaepernick reported to the voluntary camp on April 4, although he has not been a full participant in activity drills as he continues to recover from the three surgeries he underwent last year.

Colin Kaepernick is not expected to be at full strength until next month, leaving questions about how his shoulder and left knee have healed. Waiting for Colin Kaepernick to heal completely could be a large portion of why a trade for the quarterback hasn’t materialized, multiple NFL rumors suggested.

Another reason the Denver Broncos haven’t acquired Colin Kaepernick this offseason revolves around money. The NFL franchise has only $9 million in salary cap space available, meaning the team would need to rework the $15.9 million salary cap hit that Colin Kaepernick is due in 2016.

After the San Francisco 49ers fired Jim Tomsula earlier this year, the next question mark immediately turned to quarterback. Colin Kaepernick was clearly not comfortable in the previous regime’s system, but a Chip Kelly offense could be a better fit for him. Colin Kaepernick played in the pistol offense in college, helping the University of Nevada reach new heights during his time with the Wolfpack.

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