ALDI $75 Coupon: Company Warns Customers About Fake Coupon On Facebook

If you see an ALDI $75 coupon on Facebook, you might want to think twice before you get excited about the offer.

According to a statement issued by the company, the ALDI $75 coupon is fraudulent and should not be taken seriously by consumers.

The company used its official Facebook page to address the issue and warn customers within the same social media platform in which the fake coupon was being circulated.

“Hi, ALDI USA fans! There’s a fake ALDI coupon making its way around the internet …again. We don’t offer electronic coupons or electronic gift cards, and they won’t be accepted at our stores. We’re working on fixing the situation, so if you’d like to help us out and spread the news, feel free to share this post. We’re sorry for the confusion.”

ALDI concluded the statement in reference to the ALDI $75 coupon by encouraging consumers to contact its customer service team with any further questions or concerns.

The fraudulent ALDI $75 coupon circulating online was advertised as a “$75 gift coupon.” It effectively presented a sense of urgency with an expiration date of April 30, 2016 — a factor that undoubtedly played a major role in its widespread popularity online.

ALDI $75 coupon [Image via Facebook]The bar code and “terms and conditions” listed in the fine print of the ALDI $75 coupon also added to its apparent “authenticity,” which may have added to the offer’s excitement as well. However, there are several key details that drew red flags long before ALDI issued its official statement on Facebook.

First, the “anniversary” raises concern — especially for longtime ALDI customers that are familiar with the company’s history and overall timeline. According to the ALDI $75 coupon, the offer was enforced to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary. Keep in mind, though, that Karl and Theo Albrecht founded ALDI in April of 1913 — nearly 103 years ago (not 125).

The website link found near the bottom of the ALDI $75 coupon — “ALDI.COM-4U.COM” – is not an official ALDI website, either.

Exhausted by the effort required to convince all my older female relatives that the ALDI coupon they’re sharing on Facebook is fake

— Shannon (@shan_nonsense) April 21, 2016

The ALDI $75 coupon is now added to the growing list of fake coupons, gift cards, and promotional offers circulating on social media in recent weeks. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are also several coupons and offers being shared on Facebook for JCPenney, as well.

For instance, a “$100 off” JCPenney coupon made waves by offering a substantial amount of money off of a minimum purchase of $100 — which means that a purchase could essentially be free for shoppers. Another fake JCPenney coupon making its rounds on Facebook is an $80 gift card which was also designed to celebrate an inaccurate anniversary year for the major department store chain.

This is not the first time that ALDI has been the victim of fraudulent coupons and gift card scams. According to Snopes, there were ALDI $100 coupons circulating on Facebook back in December.

As is the case with most of these fraudulent coupons, the page instructs consumers to complete “simple “steps in order to redeem their coupons. However, all that consumers end up doing is completing a brief survey that requires them to submit their personal contact information and date of birth before signing up for multiple subscription programs.

When it comes to finding legitimate offers from major retailers and department stores, the best places to look are within the official websites of those respective companies. If there is a legitimate offer circulating online, chances are that the company would starting circulating it online on their own. Even though the company does not have any legitimate ALDI $75 coupons, the company website has a regularly updated page to showcase weekly updates and specials.

[Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images]