April 21, 2016
Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Tease A 'Bachelor' Wedding On The Way: Has Planning For The Big Day Started?

Are Bachelor stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell ready to start planning their wedding? Ben and Lauren's engagement became public with the March finale of their season, but the two have been engaged for a while now since the filming of that final rose ceremony took place last November. Higgins and Bushnell just spent a few days at an event at Indiana University, and they dished out some details on the big wedding topic. What did they have to share?

During the Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell said that they would be moving in together quite soon, and that wedding planning would start shortly after that. Ben and Lauren said that they probably would not have a long engagement. However, and they said that they would probably look to get married sooner rather than later.

Until now, much of Ben and Lauren's post-finale life has revolved around traveling, family bonding, and doing various charity events. After their Bachelor media whirlwind in New York, Higgins and Bushnell spent some time in Indiana where he is from originally. They have also spent some time in Los Angeles, California, and Portland, Oregon, where her family is from, but Denver, Colorado, is their home base now. In fact, Bushnell recently shared that she had headed back to Los Angeles specifically to pack up the rest of her things and get them moved to Denver for good.

Ben and Lauren were back in Indiana recently for a key annual fundraiser at Indiana University, where Higgins attended, and they did share some updates on their work toward planning a wedding. The Bachelor lovebirds chatted with the IU student television show What's Up Weekly, and they were not shy about sharing that their attention will be turning to wedding planning now that they're getting settled in Denver.

Lauren pointed out that they've been engaged for a while now, and she is ready to start planning for the wedding. There is no date set yet, but Bushnell reinforced the idea that they may get married before the end of the year. Ben joked about how there are bridal magazines showing up at their house now with more frequency, and she laughed and confirmed that it was true.

Will Ben and Lauren have a televised wedding? These Bachelor stars have said in the past that they are open to it, and many would bet that ABC will be interested in televising the event. While the network passed on the opportunity to air Desiree Hartsock's wedding to Chris Siegfried, they aired all of the previous "Bachelor Nation" weddings, and did air part of Jade Roper's wedding to Tanner Tolbert last winter. There has been buzz swirling that Ben and Lauren have already been meeting with show executives in Los Angeles to discuss potential plans, but so far, nothing confirming that to be the case has emerged.

From the looks of Lauren's latest tweets, she is settling in quite nicely in Denver. She is an avid Portland Trail Blazers fan, and she teased Ben via Twitter during the team's latest game that he needed to hurry home as she had basketball and sushi on her mind and she was waiting for him to return to get started with the evening. Higgins may typically be an Indiana Pacers fan, but Bushnell has joked about converting him, and he has joked about how the efforts have succeeded.

Ben and Lauren have faced plenty of rumors about the state of their relationship over the past few months, with various tabloid reports claiming that they are on the verge of a split. Based on what Higgins and Bushnell are saying and doing these days, however, Bachelor fans are not convinced.

Will Ben and Lauren get married by the end of the year? Bachelor fans are rooting for them and cannot wait to see what comes next for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell. Up next for the franchise is JoJo Fletcher's stint as ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 lead, and viewers are anxious to dig into the new season when it premieres in May.

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