Music Icon Prince Has Died At The Age of 57 – Treated For Drug Overdose Just Six Days Before Death [Updated]

There has been a death at Paisley Park Estate, the home of Prince in Minnesota. After initial reports of there being an unknown fatality at the mansion, it has now been confirmed that it was indeed Prince who has passed away.

UPDATE at 7:55 p.m: TMZ has now learned exclusively that Prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death. The reported “flu” that he was treated for in Moline, Illinois, after an emergency landing of his private jet, is now said to have been for an overdose. Prince’s representatives and team asked for a private room, but the hospital advised they could not do that and so he left against advice of the doctors.

UPDATE at 2:00 p.m.: Emergency dispatch audio was obtained by TMZ which doesn’t state Prince’s name, but it does list the emergency as a “male down, not breathing.”

UPDATE at 12:55 p.m.: TMZ has now confirmed that Prince has died at the age of 57.

As of now, there is still no cause of death, but reports are going around that state it may have to do with the bad case of the flu that he had been battling for weeks. He actually had to have his private jet make an emergency landing this past weekend so he could be briefly hospitalized.

Prince’s body was discovered at his Paisley Park compound early on Thursday morning.

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This news comes less than a week after Prince had to be briefly hospitalized in Moline, Illinois last Friday. His private jet had to make an emergency landing sometime after 1 a.m. on Friday, and he had to go to the hospital after battling a bout of the flu.

According to TMZ, the Carver County Sheriff’s Department in Chanhassen, Minnesota, responded to Paisley Park at 6:43 a.m. on Thursday morning. It is not known who has died, but the next of kin have been notified by the police.

It is not known who has died, and there is no word if it was Prince or someone else in the home.

Fox 9 has confirmed that Paisley Park is the compound that Prince calls his estate. It is where he lives, records music, hosts parties, and even holds concerts from time to time. Just a couple of days ago, he had a concert there in a way of showing everyone he was feeling alright after the hospital scare.

TMZ reported that a friend said Prince had been fighting the flu for several weeks and actually cancelled two shows on April 7. He was still not feeling well, but wanted to make a performance a couple of nights later in Atlanta.

He was only at the hospital in Moline, Illinois, for about three hours before being released and getting back on the plane to head to his home in Minnesota.

On Thursday morning, after the death was reported, there were numerous police vehicle and other cars showing up to Paisley Park. Information of the who had died didn’t get out until about three hours after law enforcement actually arrived on the scene.

When Prince came out on stage at Paisley Park for the impromptu concert, he didn’t actually perform, but was letting everyone know that he was not dead and he was doing alright.

Prince has been a music icon and international superstar since his amazing album “1999” was released in 1982. Over the years, he ended up winning seven Grammy Awards and having one of the greatest Super Bowl performances of all time when he stepped on the big stage in 2007.

Some fans have actually considered it one of the greatest live performances of any time, by anyone, of all time.

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During his career, Prince has sold more than 100 million albums and he even won the Academy Award in 1985 for his best original song “Purple Rain.”

2016 has been the year of numerous celebrity deaths and Prince adds to the ever-growing list that includes Alan Rickman, Doris Roberts, David Bowie, and so many others. News of former WWE star Chyna’s death hit the Internet earlier on Thursday morning, and now there is the news that the world has lost a true music icon in Prince.

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