Indiana Woman Receives Ultrasound ‘Vision From Jesus’: Image Appears To Show Jesus On The Cross [Video/Photos]

A woman from Indiana believes she received a “vision from Jesus” through an ultrasound done as part of her prenatal checkup. But Aley Meyer nearly missed the divine message in the ultrasound image of her baby boy. She did not notice it until a week after when a friend pointed out to her that the ultrasound appeared to include an image of Jesus on the cross.

Meyer, from Evansville in Indiana, told WFIE that after her friend drew her attention to the strange crucifix-like shape in the ultrasound of her 31-week-old baby, she snapped a photo of it and blew it up on her cellphone to get a closer look. Meyer and her friend were dumbfounded to observe the accuracy of the fine details of the image that appeared to show Jesus on the cross with “hair and his legs crossed.”

“We took a picture of it and blew it up on my phone to get a closer look and it is so much detail.”

“You can see the hair and his legs crossed and everything.”


When Meyer’s mother also saw the image of “Jesus on the cross” in her daughter’s ultrasound, she posted it to Facebook, where it went viral, with hundreds of stunned Facebook users making inquiries about the remarkable image.


“My mom shared it and she got fifty comments,” she said. “People are asking for permission to share it.”

She also posted a copy of the image to Instagram, where it also went viral.

She told Inside Edition that since the image went viral, she has received dozens of calls from media reporters, asking questions about the mysterious holy specter in her ultrasound.


“I was shocked. I can’t even remember who all have called,” she said.

Meyer, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, said that after she pondered the possible significance of the “vision from Jesus,” she concluded it had to be an assurance from God that she would receive healing and that “everything is going to be okay” with her baby.

“I’ve been on a lot of medicine for my Crohn’s disease and I’ve been very worried about it so I feel like it’s a sign that everything’s going to be OK with him,” the mother-to-be said.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the digestive system.


Meyer was so excited about the divine message that she drove around Evansville showing people the “vision from Jesus” through her ultrasound.

According to WFIE, Meyer’s grandmother even bought a crucifix which she plans to hang in the baby’s nursery after he is born.

Meyer and her fiancé, Devan Baize, are expecting their son in June. Meyer says she plans to call her son Easton.

But according to Yahoo, Dr. Michael S. Broder, a Los Angeles-based obstetrician and gynecologist, explained that what Meyer saw in the ultrasound were structures in the developing fetus’s central nervous system that divide the brain into two lobes or hemispheres.


Skeptics also say that the striking resemblance of the structure to an image of Jesus on the cross is a case of the psychological phenomenon called apophenia, a tendency of the human brain to perceive significant patterns in otherwise random stimuli. In cases where the perceived form is a human or humanoid face, the sighting is described as a case of pareidolia.


But Meyer is not the first mother-to-be who has seen strange shapes and forms in the ultrasound of her unborn baby. Several women have reported seeing strange faces in their unborn baby’s ultrasound images.

An ultrasound appeared to show the unborn baby giving a thumbs-up as if assuring his anxious parents that he was doing fine.

The most chilling was one that appeared to show a “demon” watching the baby.

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