‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Abby Faces A Crisis, Sage And Sharon Learn Juicy Tidbits, And Chelsea Has An Offer For Adam

Young and the Restless spoilers detail that there is heartbreak on the way with Thursday’s episode. Max set up Abby to fall down the stairs as her baby shower was set to begin, and viewers will see what comes next on that front during the April 21 show. There is also more action on the way related to Victor, Adam, and Chelsea, and everybody will see Sharon and Sage moving forward on their covert investigation as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, everybody will scramble after Abby’s fall. She is rushed to the hospital, and her loved ones will wait with worry to hear how she and the baby are. Y&R teasers indicate that Max will stay back at the Club with Lily and Cane, and they will see him at the top of the stairs where Abby fell. Max is hiding the fishing line in his pocket, but he makes up a story about seeing some loose carpet.


Max may think he has his scheme all covered up, but spoilers share that Cane will mention checking Abby’s fall on the security cameras. This shakes up Max a bit, worried that they will be able to tell that he orchestrated the accident. However, the footage will not show anything amiss. Max is said to ask Cane whether Abby fell because of the carpet or her shoes, and it seems that this may cause Cane to be a bit suspicious.

Ashley, Victoria, Neville, and Nick will all be at the hospital, waiting for word as Stitch works to have Abby and the baby checked out. Y&R teasers detail that Abby and Stitch will learn the baby has died and that the child was a girl. Stitch gets quite emotional as he shares the news with the family members, and Ashley is right there to support him.


Nick will be having a bit of a hard time with this crisis, and he will soon share the devastating news with Sage as well. As viewers can tell, the groundwork is being laid for Nick and Sage to learn that Christian is still alive, and Y&R fans hope the truth is revealed soon. This reveal will, of course, have a devastating consequence for Sharon and Dylan, but viewers are anxious to see progress on this front.

Chelsea and Adam will be talking about his job loss and Victor’s schemes, and Young and Restless spoilers tease that she proposes a new gig for him. As viewers know, she is desperate to keep him away from Newman Enterprises and Victor’s control, and it sounds as if she has something else in mind for him.

She explains that she wants him to become the CEO of Chelsea 2.0, and while he is a bit concerned about the two of them working together, she convinces him to go for it. Chelsea and Adam may be in a good place now, but there are hints that someone new may be arriving in town soon that could spell trouble for this marriage.

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Dylan questioned Nikki about her drinking and her injuries, and he suggested that she move to the ranch with him and Sharon for a bit. She was resistant, but Y&R teasers share that during Thursday’s show, Dylan and Nikki will surprise Sharon with the news of the temporary move. According to Soap Central, it does not take long for things to get snarky between Sharon and Nikki, and fans cannot wait to watch this play out.

Sharon and Sage are quietly working together to figure out the truth about Sully’s birth, hiding their digging from both Dylan and Nick, but they have no idea just where this line of investigation is going to lead. Young and the Restless spoilers share that Sage will manage to get access to Dylan’s computer, and she searches for information on Nurse Stevens. It seems that she will discover that the nurse was also a former patient of Dr. Anderson’s. In addition, Sage will reveal that Stevens is the one who told her about Christian’s death.

How soon will Sage, Sharon, Dylan, and Nick figure out the truth about Christian’s supposed death and Sully’s faked birth? Will anybody figure out that Max caused Abby’s fall? Can Abby and Stitch’s marriage survive this heartbreak? What does Victor have in mind as he works to regain his power? Fans know that there is plenty more chaos on the way on The Young and the Restless, and they cannot wait to see what comes next.


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