‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Faces Challenges, Abigail Commits To Getting Well, And JJ Questions Jennifer

There is plenty of drama ahead with Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers share that viewers will see more of Abigail as she battles to get better, but teasers indicate that she faces a long road to recovery on this front. Nicole is considering an intense offer from Victor related to Deimos, and Hope is about to be shaken up once again. What can everybody expect from the April 21 show?

As fans saw earlier in the week, Abigail overheard Chad and Marlena talking about the help she needs and she panicked. She took Thomas and ran off, afraid of what might be coming next. We Love Soaps shares Days of Our Lives spoilers indicating that during Thursday’s show, Abigail will be committing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that she gets better. Does this mean that she returns to Salem with Thomas and agrees to go into a facility that can address her trauma issues?


It is known that Kate Mansi is leaving the show soon, but a final air date for the actress in the role of Abigail has not yet been revealed. Abby will be off-screen for a while and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that viewers will be seeing Jennifer battle Chad for custody of Thomas while she is gone. Abigail will not be gone for good, though, as the buzz is that a new actress will start appearing in the role this fall.

Hope has been facing the difficult realization that Stefano was not behind Bo’s kidnapping. She has some pieces of the puzzle now that point toward Deimos as the man responsible, and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that she will get a mysterious call during Thursday’s episode pushing her to confront him about the situation.

During Wednesday’s show, Victor asked Nicole to get close to Deimos so he could ultimately regain what his brother took from him. Victor is asking a lot of Nicole, wanting her to not only seduce his brother but go so far as to marry him to get everything of Victor’s back. Nicole did not immediately agree to help Victor, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will go talk to Deimos during this next show.

It sounds as if Nicole will be moving forward on this proposal from Victor, but can she manage to be successful? Deimos is quite fascinated with her due to her resemblance to Helena, but he is involved with Kate at the moment and he is not someone who will be fooled easily.


Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Nicole and Victor will be moving forward on this scheme as Nicole’s evil side emerges again, but Deimos may not be easily swayed by her advances. Ugly confrontations between the two Kiriakis brothers are on the way, and viewers will be anxious to see what comes next.

Fans will see a bit of Jennifer during Thursday’s show, as well. She had a wild fling with Eric just before he headed off to prison, and her pill-popping issues are raising concern. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that JJ will approach his mother about his worries, but it sounds as if she will be doing her best to brush him off. She may be in denial for now, but very soon she will hit rock bottom and confront the truth about her need to clean things up.

Will Abigail be able to regain her sanity and move forward on a life with Chad and Thomas? What will Hope do as she realizes the truth about Deimos’ involvement in Bo’s kidnapping? Things are getting wild, and fans are anxious to see what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

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